Go Smart with MiJET

Problem to be Solved

Effectively cleaning a production CNC machining facility can be a daunting task, especially with the rising importance of eco-friendly cleaning requirements. While there are a few wash down equipment providers in the industry, what sets MiJET apart from the competition?

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Introduction to BK Mikro



The use of production manufacturing equipment demands significant investment and maintenance to achieve maximum efficiency. To achieve our desired ROI, flawless parts need to be produced in the shortest turnaround – minimizing waste and downtime. While these are imposing demands, the desired efficiency is possible with innovations in automation.  However, increased reliance on automation almost always requires tool and process monitoring. The financial paybacks for monitoring equipment are typically achieved in their first use, preventing major damages, waste and downtime for manufacturers.
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Introduction to 8 Inch MiJET Washdown Stations

Every manufacturer depends on reliable industrial-grade cleaning equipment to clean their workstations and manufactured parts. These cleaning equipment help keep the workplace and equipment clean, as well as ensure the user’s safety. MiJET is industry-leading cleaning equipment that is regularly used in manufacturing facilities to clean chips and oily residues. MiJET equipment is designed for use at inspection stations, or CNC machines, and is available in various configurations. This post introduces you to one of the popular washing stations – the 8ʺ diameter MiJET blind hole cleaning unit. We will also discuss its features, working mechanisms, and benefits.
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The Speed, Accuracy, and Versatility Techna-Tool’s BK Mikro TK8A Systems

Automatic Tool Changers (ATC) in machining centers are designed to help improve the machine’s tool carry capacity, and in turn, overall productivity. An ATC is designed to work with numerous tools, and can change large and heavy tools quickly to reduce any amount of unproductive time.

One of the most productive features in the successful use of the tool changer is a precise CNC broken tool sensor. This is installed within the ATC, and helps in broken tool detection. If you are looking for a fast, versatile, and long-lasting broken tool sensor, then Techna-Tool Inc.’s BK Mikro TK8A is the solution for you.
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5 Key Benefits of Techna-Check Tool Monitoring Systems

Techna-Check Tool Monitoring Systems

Tools in good working condition are a primary requirement for any manufacturing facility. Most manufacturing units follow a traditional method of tool change – based on prediction or experience. However, tool breakage or non-functioning tools are completely unpredictable. This is why manufacturing facilities are seriously considering tool monitoring technologies, which help them reduce tool wear and minimize their downtime and repair costs. This post concentrates on one such efficient tool monitoring system – Techna- Check – and its key benefits.
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Techna-Tool Inc. to Exhibit at Renowned IMTS Trade Show in September

Trade shows and expos are important events for industrial product manufacturers and distributors. It is an opportunity to showcase different products, and get a firsthand look at the newest technologies offered by various companies. This is exactly the case with Techna-Tool Inc. a leader in tool and process monitoring systems. The organization will be exhibiting in Booth N6492 at the prestigious International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), 2016. The event will be taking place from September 12th to 17th, 2016 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL.

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6 Advantages of MiJET Systems

In many CNC facilities, air nozzles are used to spray air over oil laden parts, or floors. In this process, oily aerosols are produced, which settle on the floor causing accidents. The aerosols are also inhaled by workers, causing many health problems. MiJET systems are used at facilities with CNC machines to clean oil, residues, and part chips. These industrial cleaning systems are powered by air, and provide various advantages over typical cleaning methods. Let’s see how the MiJET standalone cleaning system provides relief from health complications and workplace accidents at worksites.

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The Design and Manufacturing Processes of Techna-Tool’s Hirth Gears

Techna-Tool Inc. provides a variety of Hirth gears for applications requiring positioning, and component adjustment solutions. They are ideal for gas turbines, aircraft engines, and machining equipment. In this post, we discuss how Techna-Tool Inc. designs and manufactures these gears to meet the requirements of diverse applications.

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