BK Mikro LIN Linear Scanner- A Revolutionary Tool from Techna Tool

Techna Tool’s BK Mikro LIN linear scanner is one of the most important tools used in the applications, which involve monitoring geometries. As the name suggests, this tool is used for linear or longitudinal scanning purpose. If you want to scan bore holes, cavities, or critical coolant pressure, and if rotary scanning is not possible or inappropriate due to limited space arrangements, then in such case, this linear scanner is of great help. The many benefits of this tool has made it popular in several applications.

Let us have a look at some beneficial features of the BK Mikro LIN linear scanner tool.

The Striking Features of BK Mikro Linear Scanner That Make it Popular

Here are some most striking beneficial features of the linear scanner tool from Techna Tool:

1. The linear scanner tool allows you to effectively monitor the scanning position. The precise scanning position is entered by “Teach-in” feature.
2. With BK Mikro linear scanner, it is possible for you to carry out the tool check prior to every working cycle (tool monitoring). Depending on the controller you use it can save up to 512 scanning positions.
3. The tip of the probe is available in many variants. So, depending on the project, you can choose the tip or make your own customer tip.
4. You can program your checking tolerance as tight a 0.05mm in the controller software for the “O.K.” message.
5. The scanning result is indicated by the two LEDs for “O.K” and “K.O” at the control unit. Continue reading

Introduction to BK Mikro



The use of production manufacturing equipment demands significant investment and maintenance to achieve maximum efficiency. To achieve our desired ROI, flawless parts need to be produced in the shortest turnaround – minimizing waste and downtime. While these are imposing demands, the desired efficiency is possible with innovations in automation.  However, increased reliance on automation almost always requires tool and process monitoring. The financial paybacks for monitoring equipment are typically achieved in their first use, preventing major damages, waste and downtime for manufacturers.
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BK Linear Sensor – Its Components Described

Techna-Tool BK linear sensor is a broken tool monitoring system exclusively designed for longitudinal scanning applications. This linear sensor is available in a 50mm stoke:

  • TK9LIN50: Scanner with maximum stroke of 50 mm.

The TK9LIN50 ensures precise monitoring of broken tools, objects, and free space (e.g. bore holes).

A Brief Note on BK Linear Sensor Components

A clear understanding about the primary components of the BK linear sensor is a must to learn its mode of operation. The linear system is comprised of a control unit, a sensor (scanner), and a connection cable. Let us understand these components in detail.

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BK Mikro – Scanner Types and Specifications – Part 2

In the last blog post, we had a general discussion about the BK Mikro tool detection system. The blog also discussed the first three types of scanners that are specially designed for the BK Mikro system. As a continuation, this blog discusses the remaining three types of BK Mikro scanners available at Techna-Tool.

  • TK94A/TK94RL:TK94RL variant Available in two variants, TK94 scanners are ideal for applications in hostile environments consisting of a large quantity of coolants. Both TK94A and TK94RL models are perfect for checking tools in lathes, transfer lines, and gun drilling machines, among others. Consider choosing TK94A variant when tool scanning is required in one direction, either clockwise or counter clockwise. However, the TK94RL variant would be the best choice when scanning in both directions (Clockwise and counter clockwise without stopping) which is helpful for cost savings by only needing one scanner for 2 tools.
    Technical Specifications

    Housing Stainless Steel
    Protection type IP 67
    Scanning wand length 165 mm (standard), : 1.2 mm, scanning wand exchangeable
    Scanning wand angle

    • TK94A
    • TK94RL
    • Max. 270° (-A)
    • Max. 360° (-RL)
    Control unit connection Fixed cable (200 mm) with small circular connector, M12x1, 8 pin
    Ambient temperature 0 ºC to +80 ºC
    Storage temperature –25 ºC to +85 ºC
    Scanning cycles > > 5 million at minimum scanning intensity

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BK Mikro – Scanner Types and Specifications – Part 1

Techna-Tool’s BK Mikro is an easy-to-use and versatile system designed for detecting broken tools, inspecting objects and free space, measuring hidden geometries, and testing contours for defects. The tool is a great help in automating production processes of machine building, metal working, automotive production, medical device production, among others.

Components of BK Mikro

The system comprises a control unit, a scanner, and a connection cable. At Techna-Tool, we offer several models of control units and scanners to meet varying application requirements. The right selection must be made after carefully analyzing your application requirements.

Types of Scanners Offered for BK Mikro at Techna-Tool

This blog helps you understand the types, typical applications, and technical specifications of BK Mikro scanners available at Techna-Tool.

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