The Speed, Accuracy, and Versatility Techna-Tool’s BK Mikro TK8A Systems

Automatic Tool Changers (ATC) in machining centers are designed to help improve the machine’s tool carry capacity, and in turn, overall productivity. An ATC is designed to work with numerous tools, and can change large and heavy tools quickly to reduce any amount of unproductive time.

One of the most productive features in the successful use of the tool changer is a precise CNC broken tool sensor. This is installed within the ATC, and helps in broken tool detection. If you are looking for a fast, versatile, and long-lasting broken tool sensor, then Techna-Tool Inc.’s BK Mikro TK8A is the solution for you.
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Simple and Solution Driven CNC Tool Breakage Detection System for Monitoring Applications

bk-mikro-systemTechna Tool, Inc.’s BK Mikro System is a simple yet effective CNC tool breakage detection system. It can be used to monitor stationary as well as rotating tools, and help alert the operator of any tool breakage. It can also be used for inspecting components, detecting deviation in tool positions, and measuring geometries of bores and cavities. It is known for its benefits of immense reliability, protection from chips and coolants, and easy maintenance.

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Two Main Components of the Broken Tool Detection Systems

The BK MIKRO products distributed by Techna-Tool are a series of broken tool detection systems. These systems are widely used by many companies to ensure the proper functioning of parts and machines.

Types of Broken Tool Detection Systems at Techna-Tool Inc.

The following main are the main components of the broken tool detection systems available from Techna-Tool:

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