Gearing Up for Gear Expo 2013

GearsWhile we are well-known for our Techna-Check broken tool monitoring systems, here at Techna-Tool another main focus is on precision gear manufacturing. We provide precision hirth gears ranging from 50 mm to 1500 mm to serve a wide variety of customer needs.

All of our hirth gears are durable and resistant to wear thanks to the use of chromium-molybdenum steel, and meet diameter quality up to ISO 4. A chart of standard gear dimensions can be found on our website for couplings, click here for  ≤ 400 mm or ≥ 450 mm.

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Time is Money: How Tool Monitoring Saves Resources

Time is MoneySome manufacturers forgo broken tool monitoring systems because of the upfront costs. They feel that they can get by without it, replacing or repairing broken machinery as necessary. The problem is that you can’t always see the beginning stages of damage. Instead, a problem may not become apparent until there is a major machine failure. When this happens, costs can quickly add up.

At the initial point of failure, the most obvious cost is replacing or repairing the broken tools. What may have been a simple fix if caught early, now requires more extensive work as other parts and tools have likely been damaged as well. The cost of these tool replacements can be very high, but those aren’t the only cost-concerns.

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Time to Schedule Your Annual Check-Up? Tool Monitoring Software Can Help

Monitoring image

June is National Safety Month, the perfect reason to schedule your company’s annual check-up this summer. During the check-up, you’ll want to examine all equipment to make sure it’s operating properly and is in good condition. Worn pieces should be repaired or replaced, and all computer systems should be up-to-date and accurate.

Keep in mind that human error is often behind major problems. Inputting incorrect data or operating machinery in the wrong way can have disastrous consequences. For this reason, it is equally important to check up on user guidelines, proper signage, and staff training.

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Techna-Tool at TECMA2013

Since 1991, TECMA has been Mexico’s only trade show strictly specializing in machine tool technology. Over 260 exhibitors from 16 different countries are expected to gather in Mexico City to show off their latest machine-tool products and share valuable information about the future of the industry.

As a leader in the machine-tool industry, Techna-Tool is excited about attending and exhibiting at TECMA2013. This year’s show, which is being held at Expo Bancomer Santa Fe in Mexico City, will run from March 5-8 and should feature a number of different talks and presentations from some of the biggest names in the industry.

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