Go Smart with MiJET

Problem to be Solved

Effectively cleaning a production CNC machining facility can be a daunting task, especially with the rising importance of eco-friendly cleaning requirements. While there are a few wash down equipment providers in the industry, what sets MiJET apart from the competition?

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Introduction to 8 Inch MiJET Washdown Stations

Every manufacturer depends on reliable industrial-grade cleaning equipment to clean their workstations and manufactured parts. These cleaning equipment help keep the workplace and equipment clean, as well as ensure the user’s safety. MiJET is industry-leading cleaning equipment that is regularly used in manufacturing facilities to clean chips and oily residues. MiJET equipment is designed for use at inspection stations, or CNC machines, and is available in various configurations. This post introduces you to one of the popular washing stations – the 8ʺ diameter MiJET blind hole cleaning unit. We will also discuss its features, working mechanisms, and benefits.
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