The Design and Manufacturing Processes of Techna-Tool’s Hirth Gears

Techna-Tool Inc. provides a variety of Hirth gears for applications requiring positioning, and component adjustment solutions. They are ideal for gas turbines, aircraft engines, and machining equipment. In this post, we discuss how Techna-Tool Inc. designs and manufactures these gears to meet the requirements of diverse applications.

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What Makes Techna-Tool Hirth Coupling Tool Unique in the Market

Invented decades ago, yet still up-to-date, the Hirth coupling is a connection and positioning component used across many industries for various assembly and machining processes. The design of the coupling is such that it allows you to position and connect shafts, disks, rotors, wheels and cranks with precision. They are amongst the most indispensable elements used for turbine shafts, surgical operation tables, agricultural machines, construction machinery and cranes, rail vehicle maintenance, 3D printers, machine tools, and much more.

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Why You Should Purchase Hirth Gears from Techna-Tool

Hirth gears are types of mechanical connections that are used to connect two pieces of a shaft to each other. Developed by engineer and inventor Albert Hirth, these gears have become essential machinery pieces for a number of reasons. They can take on very high loads, are self-centering, and maintain tightness in the joint. Hirth gears are used in various applications such as crankshafts, gas turbines, medical devices, machine tools, and agricultural machines, to name a few.

Today, there are only a few companies that regularly manufacture Hirth gears. And, if you are looking for precision design, unmatched performance and long service life at a very competitive price, you need to take a look at Techna-Tool Inc. For more than two decades, Techna-Tool has been the leading provider of high grade engineered products as well as contact and non-contact tool monitoring systems.

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