In the Pursuit of Quality

We’ve emphasized the need for our tool monitoring and our confidence in our products (see our Warranty blog below), but our replacement policy also gives us the opportunity to improve. We create simulations and test our products in need of replacement or repair to see what we can be doing better to prevent against broken pieces and damage.  Since continuous improvement is in the best interest of us all, we’d like to continue the discussion of quality. What can we all be doing to optimize performance?  What would help your business flourish?

For instance, our products’ primary features are driven by customer concerns over cycle time in their processes. Isn’t consistent running without downtime a goal of everyone? That’s why our broken machine protection scans and signals while the machine is running. It does not require you to turn off the machine and perform manual checks of the tools. Another common concern, dealing with the often heavy-duty and aggressive nature of the environment being monitored, contributed to the production of one of the scanner accessories for the BK Mikro.

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Immediate Warranty for Tool Error Detection

It only makes sense that the credibility of a tool promising error detection, created by a company priding itself on problem solving, hinges on its reliability. We get that the reliability of your machinery depends on the reliability of our products. That is why at Techna-Tool, we strive for flawless rather than functioning. We are so confident in the quality of our BK Mikro and its ability to monitor your tools and/or parts that we offer a 3-year, immediate replacement warranty.

Knowing how valuable your time is, there’s no time for questions. The priority is getting an effective monitoring system back on your tool right away.  However durable our product (the BK Mikro can be soaking in oil or other liquids — submerged under 3 feet of coolant even — and still perform up to standard), we know that sometimes the unexpected happens. Our customers have shipped back broken tools and without a single ‘if’, ‘and’, or ‘but’, we’ve sent them back a shiny new one.

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