Increase Efficiency Using BK MIKRO Scanner TK96A/TK96RL

Running Swiss machines unattended is common practice since they are typically bar fed and can run for long periods of time unsupervised. One major risk of running unattended is tool breakage, which can cause bad part productions or machine crashes. It is essential to stop the machine immediately when a tool breaks to prevent subsequent tool damage or the production of scrap parts. The TK96A/TK96RL scanners are the perfect solution for Swiss machines.

Overview of BK Mikro TK96A/TK96RL

BK Mikro TK96A/TK96RL are compact scanners that fit in small spaces such as Swiss machines. Their diameter is just 12mm which allows for mounting in tight areas. Both these scanners are durable and have a stainless-steel body which helps resist wear from chips and other flying debris. The BK Mikro scanners utilize servo motors for controlled wand movement allowing for tools to be checked.

  • BK Mikro TK96A: This scanner motor rotates in one direction and is used for checking one tool or multiple tools by bringing the tools to the same location for checking.
  • BK Mikro TK96RL: This scanner is used if tool tools next to each other need to be checked. It mounts between the tools and the wand rotates left and right to touch the two tools.

What do BK Mikro TK96A/TK96RL Comprise?

The complete BK Mikro TK96A/TK96RL system comprises the following components:

  • Control unit
  • Scanner (motor) – TK96A or TK96RL
  • Connection cable – 5, 10 and 15 meter lengths available
  • Mounting Bracket

Working of BK Mikro TK96A

Here’s how this scanner works.

  • The tool location is taught by either putting 24vdc on the controller Teach input, pressing the teach button on the controller or through the software.
  • Once taught, each time you want to check the tool, a 24vdc signal is applied to the “start” input on the controller. This is typically triggered with an M-code or Macro output from the CNC.
  • The wand will rotate to the taught position and check the presence of the tool. If the tool is in the right position, the scanner will output an “OK” signal to allow the machine cycle to continue.
  • If the tool is broken, the wand will travel past the taught position and the controller will output a “KO” signal to the machine. This will shut stop the machine immediately.
  • The wand checks within a user defined plus or minus angle of the taught position. If the wand is blocked with chips and unable to move to the tool position a KO will also be sent. The machine operator would see the tool is not broken but that the wand is stuck. This minimum distance ensures broken tools do not go undetected.

Working of BK Mikro TK96RL

Here’s how the scanner checks two tools at a time.

  • The process is like the TK96A setup, but this time the wand is positioned between the two tools. When taught the wand rotates right and left and stores both positions in memory.
  • When the start signal is applied the wand will check both positions and if either tool is broken a KO fault will be sent to the machine.

Reasons to Choose BK MIKRO Scanner TK96A/TK96RL for Your Facility

Here are some benefits to installing the BK MIKRO TK96A/TK96RL on your machine.

  1. Ability to check small tool diameters.
  2. Avoid costly machine crashes.
  3. Eliminate scrap parts and the need for sorting to find part defects due to broken tools.
  4. Reduce the risk of machine fires which can be caused when a broken tool tries to cut, and the increased friction ignites the cutting oil.

If you are a manufacturer or utilize CNC machines, installing the BK Mikro TK96A/TK96RL may be useful. You can purchase this system from Techna-Tool, a trusted company in business since 1990. With expertise in process and tool monitoring regardless of the manufacturing volume.

If you have any further questions regarding BK MIKRO capabilities or want to discuss your applications, feel free to contact Techna-Tool at 262-367-8665 or