Get the Facts About Wisconsin Manufacturing

There have been numerous positive reports on the manufacturing sector nationwide lately. This is welcome news overall for the industry, but sometimes local facts and figures can have greater meaning to business owners. For Wisconsin manufacturers in particular, the outlook is especially bright.

According to information compiled by the National Association of Manufacturers, (NAM), the manufacturing industry contributes about 20% of Wisconsin’s total revenue output, amassing $50 billion in 2012 alone. The sector also employs about 15.6% of the state’s non-farm workers, with compensation far surpassing the state average.

The report, appropriately titled “Wisconsin Manufacturing Facts,” identifies many high notes in the state’s industrial landscape. Of the top-performing manufacturing sectors, machinery manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, and fabricated metal product manufacturing take the lead as heavy hitters. These three groups together brought in nearly $20 million in 2011.

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The Shrinking Wage Gap and What it Means for American Manufacturing

macro of us quartersReading through industrial news headlines, it’s impossible to miss the reshoring movement taking hold in manufacturing. Thanks in large part to globalization, workers around the world are seeing higher wages and better benefits. This is leading to a shrinking wage gap between the United States and other countries where jobs are commonly outsourced. And when the paychecks start balancing out, the cost of shipping materials and products across borders becomes much more apparent. Rather than continue to operate this way, more and more companies are taking out the middle man and choosing American manufacturing plants and contractors.

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