BK Mikro – Scanner Types and Specifications – Part 1

Techna-Tool’s BK Mikro is an easy-to-use and versatile system designed for detecting broken tools, inspecting objects and free space, measuring hidden geometries, and testing contours for defects. The tool is a great help in automating production processes of machine building, metal working, automotive production, medical device production, among others.

Components of BK Mikro

The system comprises a control unit, a scanner, and a connection cable. At Techna-Tool, we offer several models of control units and scanners to meet varying application requirements. The right selection must be made after carefully analyzing your application requirements.

Types of Scanners Offered for BK Mikro at Techna-Tool

This blog helps you understand the types, typical applications, and technical specifications of BK Mikro scanners available at Techna-Tool.

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