Why You Should Purchase Hirth Gears from Techna-Tool

Hirth gears are types of mechanical connections that are used to connect two pieces of a shaft to each other. Developed by engineer and inventor Albert Hirth, these gears have become essential machinery pieces for a number of reasons. They can take on very high loads, are self-centering, and maintain tightness in the joint. Hirth gears are used in various applications such as crankshafts, gas turbines, medical devices, machine tools, and agricultural machines, to name a few.

Today, there are only a few companies that regularly manufacture Hirth gears. And, if you are looking for precision design, unmatched performance and long service life at a very competitive price, you need to take a look at Techna-Tool Inc. For more than two decades, Techna-Tool has been the leading provider of high grade engineered products as well as contact and non-contact tool monitoring systems.

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