MiJET: The Ultimate Parts Cleaning Machine

If you’ve ever had to clean off parts in a shop, you know how messy it can be. When using traditional methods like an air sprayer or aerosol can, the parts may get clean but the mess is unavoidable. The debris, dust, and solvent that is blown off the parts gets scattered all over the shop and even in the air you are breathing. Fortunately, there’s a better way to do it and it’s known as the MiJET!

Advanced Parts Cleaning System

The MiJET is an advanced parts cleaning system that lets you quickly clean your parts off using your standard compressed air line. And, while you’re cleaning the parts, a high powered vacuum sucks away the debris, dust, and solvent into a recycling container. Simultaneously, the air being sucked through the unit is also filtered to keep the air in your shop free from solvents and aerosols. To turn off the air flow, you simply have to release the trigger on the air nozzle. This will stop the air flow to the vacuum fan that will then turn the suction fan off.

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