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50 MM TO 1500 MM

Precision Hirth Gears

Process & Materials


All of our Hirth Gears are made of a special Chromium-Molybdenum (41xx Series) steel.

Manufacturing Milling of Teeth

The gears are rough machined, thermally annealed, semi-finished machined with a roughing of the Hirth Teeth and finally thermally stressed relieved.

50MM-1500MM Precision Hirth Gears
Rough Grinding of the Surfaces and Hardening of the Teeth

The diameters and faces are rough ground using Danobat CNC grinders and the teeth induction hardened to HRc54 ±2 surface hardness.

Finish Grinding of the Surfaces

The gears are precision ground again on their faces, both inside and outside diameters using Mägerle and Voumard grinders.

Final Grinding & Inspection

The Hirth teeth are semi-finished ground, unclamped and then re-clamped for a final grind holding extreme accuracies on new Mägerle CNC grinders.

Matching Hirth type face gears are ground parallel to 0.0005 mm using Mägerle grinders and inspected on Zeiss coordinate measurement machines.

Key Benefits

Precision Hirth Gears

Product Features

Standard indexing accuracies of ±1 arc second.

Resistant to wear

Case hardened teeth using chromium-molybdenum steel make our gears resistant to wear.

Positive Locking

Numerous teeth provide rigid locking allowing for great machining forces to be applied to the gears


All of our gears are self-centered providing very low axial and radial run-out.

Main characteristics of our HIRTH couplings

COUPLING Ø ≤ 400 mm:
COUPLING Ø ≥ 450 mm:
Precision Hirth Gears coupling 1
Precision Hirth Gears coupling 2

Standard Gear Dimensions Coupling Ø ≤ 400 mm: VIEW CHART - PDF FILE

Standard Gear Dimensions Coupling Ø ≥ 450 mm: VIEW CHART - PDF FILE