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Techna Tool at ExpoMAQ 2018 - Innovation in Manufacturing

WHEN : APRIL 17-20, 2018


Date & Time : April 17-20, 2018 : 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

BOOTH : 2015

What to Expect 

EXPOMAQ is the international exhibition of machines, tools, and manufacturing technologies. Join us at booth #2015 to discover how our various tool and process monitoring systems have helped manufacturers in the metal cutting industry to maximize the value of their investment.

The event will also provide you an opportunity to meet 10,000+ manufacturing industry professionals like you, who are looking for specific solutions to optimize the productivity, minimize their downtimes, and gain a leading edge in the competitive market. You will get a chance to interact with key decision makers such as CEO’s, General Directors, Presidents, Engineers, Production Directors, etc. You will get several opportunities to strike strategic alliances with manufacturers from industries like Aerospace/Aeronautics, Automotive, Robotics, and Metal Working Industries.

Technology in Action

  • BK Mikro: This is a tool and process monitoring system, which is equipped with servo motors that enable precise measurements. These systems are designed for applications, such as position recognition, object inspection, and monitoring part defects.
  • Techna-Check: This system is employed for monitoring broken, missing, and worn tools through vibration analysis or power monitoring. These systems can be availed in various models depending on the application.  

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