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Production Monitoring Systems

Techna-Check PM-1

The Techna-Check® model PM-1 is a production monitoring system which is easily mounted in your machine's electrical cabinet. The PM-1 is one of the most comprehensive production monitoring systems available today. The PM-1 monitors the production from any machine on your shop floor and reports back the machine's production through Ethernet to our custom software, also viewable via a webpage.
Techna-Check PM-1

Features include:

  • Compatible with any machine whether it is controlled by PC, PLC, CNC or Relays
  • Compatible with any 24 VDC sensor or switch
  • Stand alone- no computer required on the machine to support the unit
  • Standard Ethernet connection
  • Can be used with wireless networks (requires a wireless bridge)
  • Expandable from 1-100 units
  • Software generates custom reports
  • Email alerts sent if machine is down
  • All data is logged into an Access database at the end of each shift
  • Windows XP, WIN7 compatible software
  • Removable Phoenix connector for easy wiring

Principle of Operation:

The Techna-Check PM-1 receives signals from the machine telling it when a part or process is complete, a part is bad, and when the machine is running. This data for each shift is stored in the unit and sent via Ethernet to the Production Monitoring software.

The software will allow you to set your production rate, daily production goals and time a machine is down before an email is sent. Once these values are set the software will display the current number of good parts, bad parts, run time, maximum parts per hour, current parts per hour, percentage of parts per hour, machine utilization and percentage of daily production goal. These production monitoring systems also shows what machines are currently online and which machines are not running.

The unit firmware is easily upgradeable through the software if any new features are added.

Typical Electrical Interface

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