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The TechnaGuard product line is designed to protect and optimize machinery and processes driven by three-phase AC motors. TechnaGuard protects machinery by monitoring power consumption of the motor while providing valuable information on load and performance. TechnaGuard works on any size motor and can monitor variable frequency drives.


Market leading protection for pumps, mixers, conveyors, indexing, grinders and pulverizers, cranes, hoists, fans, clarifiers, mechanical transmission systems, electric shear pins, etc.

  •    Protect against dry running and overload, blocking, jamming, cavitation
  •    Monitor pump or fan flow
  •    Evaluate viscosity changes
  •    Alerts of loss of load, process breakage, bad bearings, shock load or mechanical failure
  •    Control optimum feed rate

Why Monitor Power (Horsepower or Watts) instead of Current (Amps)?

Power is linear, a change in motor load is a change in power, giving you the information needed for controlling equipment and processes.  Measuring current (amps) at low loads is inaccurate because current is non-linear.



TechnaGuard protects machinery by accurately and rapidly monitoring power consumption of the motor while providing valuable information on load and performance. TechnaGuard products are directly connected through the main supply or a variable frequency inverter.

TechnaGuard CT
TechnaGuard S
Measures true electrical power using a Current Transformer. Single phase, symmetric load power measurement.
Measures true electrical power using a Shunt Sensor. Three phase, symmetric or asymmetric load power measurement.

Product Benefits

  • True digital design – no pots or dials
  • Simple installation and use
  • Ultra-compact mount
  • Monitor any size motor and variable frequency drives
  • Multi-measurements – kW, kW%, RMS voltage, current and PF (power factor)
  • Peak/Min capture for all variables

How it Works

The TechnaGuard product lines is designed around the reality that true power is directly proportional to the load applied to the motor by the machine.  This concept is realized by the equation:

P = (U)(I)(Cosφ)(√3)

P = Power (Watts)
U = Voltage (Volts)
I = Current (Amps)
Cosφ = Power Factor (ranges from 0 to 1)
√3 = multiplication factor for three phases (1.73)


All TechnaGuard products are operated by the four digital controls on the front panel: Up, Down, Mode and Reset.

Controls include:

  • Start Up and On Delay timers
  • High Alarm for overload
  • Low Alarm for dry run


2 Year, full replacement warranty

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