PWM3120T Load Transducer
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PWM3120T Load Transducer

Load Transducer for 3-phase AC Loads

An ultra-fast measurement and ultra-precise transducer specifically developed for Machine Tool Monitoring applications. The PWM3120T is a unique design based on the fastest available 32-bit Microcontroller and 18-bit successive approximation AD Converters. A sampling rate of 150kHz ensures precise and correct measurement even when used with Frequency Inverters with 20kHz PWM base frequencies and higher.

PWM3120T measures true motor power [kW].
·         TTBus Output
Proprietary RS485 type Sensor Bus
·         8 Programmable Measurement Ranges
1, 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 or 100%
·         Shunt Sensors
·         6 Amp. or 30 Amp. unit available as standard.
Custom ranges available upon request.

Technical Specification


Housing: Polycarbonate.

Mounting: 35 mm DIN-rail.

Protection Class: IP40.

Temp. Range: -15 to + 50 C.

Weight: App. 200g.

Dimensions: 118 x 30 x 110 mm.


Voltage Input: 3 x 0-500 VAC max.

Current Input: 3 x 6 Amp or 3 x 30 Amp

0 Hz - 60kHz

Power Range: 0 - 4.780 kW AC (6A, 460 V)

0 - 23.902 kW AC (30A, 460V)

Supply: 18-36 V DC max. 4.0 Watt.

TTbus output: RS485 - proprietary protocol.

·         The PWM3120T is designed primarily for measuring AC power consumed by motors driven by Variable Frequency Inverters. AC power is measured from the formula:

Where: T = period, V(t) = voltage and I(t) = current.         

The PWM3120T Power Transducer is specifically developed to function as a load transducer for the TECHNA- CHECK® Range of Machine Tool Monitors.

A Power Transducer for Tool-Monitoring must be fast and accurate. Sometime the measurement speed is as high as one half period, unlike commercial powermeters, which measure power averaged over several seconds.

Please note that most commercial Power Meters will not even be able to measure Power correctly after a Variable Frequency Inverter. The trans-ducer interfaces to Tool Monitor Applications via the proprietary TTBus interface.

The shunts (resistors actually) used by this de-vice represents the most accurate, linear and insensitive to external electromagnetic fields sensor available (unlike Hall Sensors and Current Transformers).

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PWM3120T Load Transducer

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