PWM3110T Load Transducer
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PWM3110T Load Transducer

Load Transducer for 1- or 3-phase AC Loads

An ultra-fast and precise measurement transducer specifically developed for Machine Tool Monitoring applications. The PWM3110T is a unique design based on the fastest available 32 bit Microcontroller and 18 bit successive approximation AD Converters. A sampling rate of 150kHz ensure precise and correct measurement even when used with Frequency Inverters with 20kHz PWM base frequencies and higher.

PWM3110T measures true motor power [kW].
·   TTBus Output
Proprietary RS485 type Sensor Bus
·   13 Programmable Measurement Ranges
0.01, 0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100%
·   Hall Sensors
200 Amp, 500 Amp. or 1000 Amp available

Technical Specification
Housing:   Polycarbonate.
Mounting:   35 mm DIN-rail.
Protection Class: IP40.
Temp. Range:   -15 to + 50 C.
Weight:   App. 200g.
Dimensions:   120 x 23, 5 x 113 mm.
Voltage Input:   3 x 0-500 VAC/VDC max.
Current Input:   3 x 200/500/1000 A, 0 Hz - 60 kHz
Power Range:   160, 398 or 797 kW at 460 VAC.
Supply:   18-36 V DC max. 4.0 Watt.
TTbus output:   RS485 - proprietary protocol.

·   The PWM3110T is designed primarily for measuring AC power delivered to motors driven by Variable Frequency Inverters.
AC power is measured from the formula:
Where: T = period, V (t) = voltage and I(t) = current.

·   The PWM3110T Power or Current Transducer is specifically developed to function as a load transducer for the TECHNA-CHECK® Range of Machine Tool Monitors.
·   A Power Transducer for Tool-Monitoring must be fast and accurate. Sometime the measurement speed is as high as one half period, unlike commercial power-meters, which measure power averaged over several seconds.
·   Please note that most commercial Power Meters will not even be able to measure Power correctly after a Variable Frequency Inverter. The transducer interfaces to Tool Monitor Applications via the proprietary TTBus interface.
·   The three motor wires must pass through the external hall sensors in the same direction to the motor either from Top- Bottom or from Bottom-Up.
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PWM3110T Load Transducer

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