BKM91, BKM91D, BKM91PN & BKM92KIO - Premium
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BK MIKRO BKM91, BKM91D, BKM91PN & BKM92KIO Premium Controllers

BK MIKRO BKM91, BKM91D, BKM91PN and BKM92KIO controllers utilize the premium version of firmware which allows for multiple tools or functions to be programmed. These controllers are typically used when advanced features are required such as checking for broken tool inside of a CNC tool changer or checking multiple object or free space positions.
BK Mikro BKM91, BKM91D, BKM91PN and BKM92KIO Controllers

General features include:

  • Clockwise and/or counter-clockwise rotation of the wand is programmable allowing an optimum adaptation to the machine.
  • The scanning intensity is adjustable in 8 steps. Even rotating drills with small diameters can be checked.
  • The scanning results are display as "OK" or "KO" and signaled by LEDs on the front side of the device.
  • The PROFIBUS is a standard Sub-D 9 pin connection; the USB connection is a USB-mini plug / type B and meets the 2.0 specification.
  • Three digital inputs serve to activate the functions "Teach-in" to learn the position to be scanned, "Start" to initialize the scanning process and "Configurable" for receiving a stop command.
  • Two digital outputs provide the signals for the message "OK" or "KO".
  • The relay contacts are configurable as N/C or N/O connections. They can be set as momentary (valid with start or timed) or latching.
  • Convenient configuration software for programming and setting of tool data is available at no cost.
  • Mini USB for PC connection
  • 3 digital control inputs (positive or negative logic) Start and teach signal One configurable input
  • 2 relay outputs selectable as N/C or N/O contact Signal all clear message ("OK") Signal error message ("KO") Scanner connection
  • 4 LEDs for status display Opening for top hat plug for optional connection to I/O extension module Din rail mounting

Unique features include:


  • Built in I/O extension module for 24vdc I/O interface


  • PROFIBUS interface for direct field bus connection to machine control


  • DeviceNet interface for direct field bus connection to machine control


  • Profinet interface for direct field bus connection to machine control
BK Mikro BKM92KIO Controllers


BK Mikro BKM91 Controllers


BK Mikro BKM91D Controllers


BK Mikro BKM91PN Controllers


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