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BK Mikro TK91A is a scanner designed mainly for broken tool detection inside the tool changer of machining centers adding little or no additional cycle time. The controller stores up to 512 different tool lengths in memory and is controlled using M-Code combinations, a custom Macro or Profibus. The system can check tools whose lengths vary as much as 22 inches from the shortest to longest in the changer. Each of the 512 different tools can have individual tolerance ranges set varying between 0.05 and 25.4 degrees. This equates to as little as a 0.38mm difference in tool length variation that can be detected using a 500mm long wand.

(Click here to view the video of scanner working inside CNC tool changer)
TK91A Scanner

The Complete BK MIKRO TK91A System Includes:

  • Control unit
  • I/O Unit- BKM9I/O
  • Scanner (motor) – TK91A
  • Connection cable - BKC10
  • Mounting Bracket - BKMB

The BK Mikro 9, like all of the other BK Mikro systems, can also be used to check for free space as well as part presence applications. With its extremely accurate motor it can also be used to check very small tolerances, as low as +/- 0.08 mm with a 100mm long wand.

Principle of Operation:

Principle of Operation

First all of the tools lengths need to be taught and stored in the BK Mikro 9 control's memory using a Macro or binary M-code combination which is outputted from the machine's CNC control. These lengths are calculated using the angle away from the home position that the wand travels to before contacting the tip of the tool. Once all of the tool lengths are stored into memory the system will know what angle to check when a specific tool is called up. After the tool is finished machining and put back into the tool changer the BK Mikro 9 will check the length and compare it to the stored data. If the length is within the tolerance window that is set for that tool the unit will output an "OK" signal to allow the machine cycle to continue. If the tool is broken the wandwill travel past the stored position and the controller will output a "KO" signal to let the machine know there is a problem and shut down automatically.

TK91A Graph


Scanner Technical Data:

  • Housing: Anodized Aluminum
  • Protection Type: IP 68
  • Wand Length: Wand length up to 610 mm max, with plate 120 x 15 mm Scanning Angle: 0° to 300
  • Control Unit Connection: Connector, M12x1, 8 pins
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to +80°C
  • Sensing Cycles: > 10 million with normal deceleration

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