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BK Mikro TK9LIN50  is a scanner with a 50mm stroke, which utilizes a rack and pinion for probing tooling, part features or assembly applications. It has an accuracy of +/- 0.05mm.

The Complete BK MIKRO Linear System Includes:

  • Control unit - BKM91, BKM92 or BKM93
  • I/O Unit- BKM9I/O (optional)
  • Scanner (motor) – TK9LIN50
  • Connection cable – BKC5
  • Mounting Bracket - BKMB
BK Mikro TK9LIN50 Scanner

BK Mikro Linear is based on the existing design concepts for tool, object and free space monitoring and is modified to utilize a rack and pinion probe instead of a wand. This system monitors a specific distance or depth with longitudinal scanning. This is especially useful in cases where rotary scanning is inappropriate
impossible. Some examples would be cavities, blind or through holes and places where space is limited. It can also be used to verify a part is in place during assembly or that the proper part is on the machine by probing a specific feature.

Principle of Operation:

TK9LIN50 Scanner
Once a position is set either with a Teach/Learn or via the rotary switches on the BKM9I/O the system is ready for operation. Simply apply a 24vdc signal to the "Start" terminal to initiate the scanning cycle (this can be done via the CNC, PLC or with a relay). The probe will move to the taught position and verify that the tool or object is present within the set tolerance range. If everything is alright the unit will output an "OK" signal to allow the machine cycle to continue. If the tool is broken the probe will travel past the stored position and the controller will output a "KO" signal to let the machine know there is a problem and shut down automatically. The checked tolerance can be adjusted through the software, via dip switches or the rotary dials. Standard tip options are available or some customers make their own custom tips to thread onto the probe.


TK9LIN50 Scanner

Scanner Technical Data:

  • Housing: Anodized Aluminum
  • Protection Type: IP 64
  • Control Unit Connection: Connector, M12x1, 8 pins
  • Scanning range: 50mm
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to +80°C
  • Sensing Cycles: > 10 million with normal deceleration

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