Everything You Need to Know About Production Monitoring Systems

Automation in the manufacturing sector has picked up pace over the last few years, and the advancements in technology and electronics have a huge role in this. Most players in the manufacturing sector opt for partial or complete automation of their processes depending on their budget and requirements. This has helped increase the overall efficiency, production volumes and speed of functioning. Production monitoring systems help determine the working capacity and the state of a machine. Hence, nowadays these are installed on production floors. This post discusses the usefulness of production monitoring systems along with their features and working.

Outputs Production Monitoring Systems Offer

Production monitoring systems help identify flaws or glitches in a machine, in real time and in turn help improve the overall productivity. Most systems can be easily mounted on the machine’s electrical cabinet. These monitoring tools are linked with Ethernet and production monitoring software that helps in reporting the status of the machine and data collection. You also get outputs such as scrap quantities and downtime if any, based on which rectification steps can be taken. So production monitoring systems offer an end-to-end solution right from machine and product quality to increasing output, optimizing machine utilization, and take improvement steps based on the data analysis.

Common Features of Production Monitoring Systems

This system can be linked to other automation system and robotics and get the required data to analyze, based on the signals it receives. This data analysis helps managers make appropriate changes to the assembly line or production schedule such as speed adjustment, modifying production targets, and so on. Examples of such data include:

  • Non-productive time
  • Daily or weekly targets
  • Planned halts
  • Production cycle time
  • Reducing rejection rate

How do Production Monitoring Systems Operate and Function?

The inbuilt software in these monitoring systems enable you to set your production rate, daily production goals and send an email. It displays a number of outputs including the current number of good parts, bad parts, run time, maximum parts per hour, current parts per hour, percentage of parts per hour, machine utilization, and percentage of daily production goal. These systems also show, which machines are online at a given point in time and the ones that are not running.

Overall Benefits of Production Monitoring Systems

Most software-driven production monitoring systems can be customized as well for optimal benefits specific to the client. However, almost all the production monitoring systems offer these   benefits:

  • They are designed for easy installation and use.
  • These systems for sure increase efficiency, productivity, and equipment utilization.
  • Most systems are compatible with popularly used computer operating systems such as Windows XP and Win7, and can be upgraded based on their latest versions.
  • They can be used with wireless networks.
  • With an inbuilt software and internet connectivity, the system can send alert messages in case of breakdowns or emergencies.

These production monitoring systems help They decrease the rejection rate of finished products.

  • Since, is the systems are at least partially automated, they help eliminate human errors.
  • Most production monitoring systems are compatible with any machine whether it is controlled by PC, PLC, CNC or Relays as well as 24 VDC sensors or switches.
  • They can be used with either wireless networks by connecting through a bridge or a simple Ethernet connection.

Application Areas of Production Monitoring Systems

Almost all production processes require a monitoring system. However, here are some common application areas:

  • Preventive maintenance of machines
  • Monitoring environmental factors
  • Machine control and production
  • Motion and operations on conveyor belts

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