Optimize Efficiency with Production Monitoring Systems

Production monitoring systems have increasingly become integral to the safe and optimum running of a production line. They can not only tell whether the machine is operating at the right capacity, they can also detect whether any part is not functioning properly, and whether any repairs or adjustments need to be made.

You need the right production parts monitoring system that will suit your production line’s needs. One company that can help you is Techna-Tool Inc. Specializing in dependable tool and process monitoring systems, Techna-Tool Inc. has cemented its place by providing monitoring systems suited to custom client requirements since 1990. The company has seen incredible success with over 90,000 installations worldwide.

When it comes to production, you need a system that is comprehensive and easy to install and use. Techna-Tool’s Techna Check PM-1 is the perfect choice for this requirement. It can be easily installed on the electrical cabinet of the production line. The biggest advantage of this system is that it can monitor the production from any machine on the floor and report back to the main computer. This gives you the flexibility and freedom in terms of receiving information.

There are many benefits from using a production monitoring system:

  • It can automatically track the line whether it is running at optimum or slow speed.
  • It can be fitted to any type of production line.
  • There is a faster response to disruptions and production downtime.
  • It is a cost effective solution for companies.

The Techna Check PM-1 consists of the following features:

  • It is adaptable to any kind of machinery such as PLC, PC or Relays.
  • There isn’t any necessary requirement of a computer on the machine for support.
  • It can be expanded up to 100 units.
  • It can be operated via wireless networks.
  • Customized reports are generated regardless of machine make.
  • All relevant data is sent to into a database at the end of the work day.
  • It is compatible with software such as Windows XP and WIN7.

With features that reduce your downtime and create better work efficiency, you can be assured that the production monitoring system will be right for your company.

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