Increasing Production Rate with the Help of Production Monitoring Systems

In any manufacturing unit, it is imperative that you continually peak production rates. To do this, it is important to install and integrate a reliable production monitoring system. Production monitoring systems are used to keep track of, or monitor the functioning of different machines in a production line.

Many companies have managed to achieve, and in some cases, even surpass the production expectations using Techna-Tool Inc.’s reliable production monitoring system TECHNA-CHECK PM-1. This is accomplished via rigorous and timely checks performed on the production units by TECHNA-CHECK PM-1.

Understanding TECHNA-CHECK PM-1

Techna-check PM1

The several features of TECHNA-CHECK PM-1 are helpful in providing insightful information about the different machines present in a production line:

  1. This compact system can be installed right in the electrical cabinet of your machine.
  2. It is used to monitor machine functionalities (including their physical state, output, run time, etc.).
  3. It can be expanded from a single to a hundred units.
  4. The production monitoring system, TECHNA-CHECK PM-1 is a stand-alone device. It only requires a network connection so it can communicate with the software on a remote PC.
  5. The TECHNA-CHECK PM-1 software can easily be upgraded, as and when new features are added.

The machine transmits information about its functioning, run time of processes, output, and the physical state of its parts. The transmission takes place via 24vdc signals, and is passed on to the production monitoring system. TECHNA-CHECK PM-1 collects the information and transmits the data via a standard Ethernet connection to a custom Techna-Tool Inc. software. This information can be accessed via a designated webpage as well.

Other than the monitoring aspect, TECHNA-CHECK PM-1 and other production monitoring systems assist in optimizing production runs. With standard inventory and process checks performed and accounted for by production monitoring systems, you can set your production rates and goals. TECHNA-CHECK PM-1 will also send you an email, whenever any of the machines are down. This knowledge, when received on time, will help you in providing a fix for the problem in order to continue with the production process. This device has been designed to help you accomplish your goals.