BK Linear Sensor – Its Components Described

Techna-Tool BK linear sensor is a broken tool monitoring system exclusively designed for longitudinal scanning applications. This linear sensor is available in a 50mm stoke:

  • TK9LIN50: Scanner with maximum stroke of 50 mm.

The TK9LIN50 ensures precise monitoring of broken tools, objects, and free space (e.g. bore holes).

A Brief Note on BK Linear Sensor Components

A clear understanding about the primary components of the BK linear sensor is a must to learn its mode of operation. The linear system is comprised of a control unit, a sensor (scanner), and a connection cable. Let us understand these components in detail.

    • Control Unit

The Control Unit is the critical component, as it activates the movement of the probe. Once the scanning is done, the control unit outputs the results back to the machine control.

Control units are available in basic or premium variations. Basic is used for single position checking and the premium can be used for checking multiple positions.

    • Scanner

By applying voltage to the ‘Start’ terminal of the controller, the TK9LIN50 scanner is triggered to move its probe (wand) to verify tools, objects, and free spaces, and gives indications in case of a problem. If there are no problems, the unit generates an ‘OK’ signal, whereas a ‘KO’ signal is generated in case of any problem. The unit shuts down automatically when it detects any problem during the scanning process.

    • Connection Cables

A 8-wire PUR-cable is an integral component in the BK linear sensor, which is used to connect control unit and scanner. An extension cable can be used to extend the length of this cable up to 25mm.