Why Choose BK Mikro TK9LIN50 for Your Manufacturing Facility?

As the demand for small, intricately designed parts grows, machine shops are increasingly adopting automated CNC technology. Managing large volumes poses operational challenges for many industries. To ensure continuous use, machine health monitoring is crucial, and tools like BK Mikro scanners address this need. With over 90,000 installations, BK Mikro guarantees reliability and safety in automated production.

The TK9LIN50, part of the BK Mikro linear system, stands out as a remarkable tool for identifying issues such as tool breakage, part presence, and part ID, thereby reducing downtime. Stay tuned for more insights into this impressive scanner.

An Overview of BK Mikro TK9LIN50

The BK Mikro TK9LIN50 is the only linear scanner in the BK Mikro lineup. It specializes in monitoring a specific depth or distance through longitudinal scanning, particularly valuable in scenarios where rotary scanning isn’t feasible. Moreover, it excels in verifying the correct placement of a part during assembly.

This scanner comes equipped with a 50mm stroke, utilizes a rack and pinion for probing tooling, parts, or holes, and boasts an impressive accuracy of +/- 0.05mm. As part of the complete BK Mikro linear system, the TK9LIN50 scanner offers the following features:

  • Control unit – BKM91, BKM92KIO or BKM93
  • Scanner (motor) – TK9LIN50
  • Connection cable – BKC5
  • Mounting Bracket – BKMB

How Does BK Mikro TK9LIN50 Work?

To teach the position, apply a 24 VDC signal to the teach input on the controller. Once taught, initiate the scanning cycle by applying a 24 VDC signal to the start input. The probe will then move towards the stored position, checking if the tool or object is correctly placed. The control unit will output an OK signal if the object is within the set tolerance. If not within the set tolerance, a KO fault will be triggered, stopping the machine and signaling to the operator that immediate inspection is required, as the tool may be broken or the object is out of position.

If using the BKM93 Basic controller, one position is stored. For multiple position recognition, consider pairing it with a Premium controller, allowing for up to 512 different positions to be stored.

How Can BK Mikro TK9LIN50 Be an Asset to Your Facility?

The BK Mikro TK9LIN50 has gained popularity for several key benefits:

  • Enhanced productivity and improved processes by identifying tool performance variations early on.
  • Detailed insights into tool damage, enabling timely replacement or repair for maximum efficiency and savings.
  • Minimized downtimes and prevention of production disruptions, contributing to overall facility reliability.
  • Enhanced safety by identifying broken tools and sending signals to operators, creating a secure workplace.
  • Detailed insights into the current production process, facilitating informed decisions on process adjustments.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty and offers robust customer support.
  • Complies with industry regulations and standards for quality assurance.

Now that you understand how tools like the BK Mikro TK9LIN50 contribute to machine health and enhanced productivity, consider the experience and innovation Techna-Tool brings to the market. The company specializes in providing tool and process monitoring systems for diverse applications. If your manufacturing facility could benefit from a tool like the BK Mikro TK9LIN50, feel free to reach out to the team at Techna-Tool.