A Brief Discussion on Different Types of Sensors Used by Techna-Check

CNC Machining is a  widely utilized process in today’s industries for making highly detailed cut outs of a wide range of materials including metals, plastics, wood, glass, foam, and composites. In CNC machining, pre-programmed computer software controls the machine tools such as lathes, mills, and grinders, among others. As it is an automated process, it is imperative to have a reliable tool monitoring system that monitors broken, worn and missing tools. The tool monitoring system detects disturbances in the machining process at the early stage, allowing the technician to take necessary preventive measures. Techna-Tool offers various models of tool monitoring systems including Techna-Check that monitors the functioning of HMC, VMC, lathes, drills and taps, reamers, gun drills, milling cutters, among others. Techna-Check is designed for accurate monitoring of CNC tools. One of the important components of tool monitoring system that enables the accurate monitoring is sensors. This post discusses the various types of sensors used in the revolutionary Techna-Check tool monitoring system.

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Techna-Tool Inc. Set To Participate at the Precision Machining Technology Show 2019

PMTS 2019 - Precision Machining Technology Tradeshow

Techna-Tool Inc. is a provider of contact, as well as non-contract tool and process monitoring systems for a variety of applications. With a market presence for more than two decades and having worked with customers from diverse industry segments and thousands of installations across the world, Techna-Tool has helped its clients automate their production processes efficiently. Techna-Tool is proudly set to participate and exhibit its products at the Precision Machining Technology Tradeshow (PMTS) 2019. The 10th installment of this event is scheduled from April 2 to 4, 2019 at Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio. Do visit us at booth number 4004.

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Everything You Need to Know About Production Monitoring Systems

Automation in the manufacturing sector has picked up pace over the last few years, and the advancements in technology and electronics have a huge role in this. Most players in the manufacturing sector opt for partial or complete automation of their processes depending on their budget and requirements. This has helped increase the overall efficiency, production volumes and speed of functioning. Production monitoring systems help determine the working capacity and the state of a machine. Hence, nowadays these are installed on production floors. This post discusses the usefulness of production monitoring systems along with their features and working.

Outputs Production Monitoring Systems Offer

Production monitoring systems help identify flaws or glitches in a machine, in real time and in turn help improve the overall productivity. Most systems can be easily mounted on the machine’s electrical cabinet. These monitoring tools are linked with Ethernet and production monitoring software that helps in reporting the status of the machine and data collection. You also get outputs such as scrap quantities and downtime if any, based on which rectification steps can be taken. So production monitoring systems offer an end-to-end solution right from machine and product quality to increasing output, optimizing machine utilization, and take improvement steps based on the data analysis.

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Techna-Tool to Attend 2019 NSSF SHOT SHOW

Techna-Tool at shot show supplier showcase 2019

Techna-Tool, a leading provider of contact and non-contact tool and process monitoring systems, is preparing for the 2019 NSSF SHOT SHOW. The Techna-Tool team will be exhibiting its most in-demand products as a part of the SHOT Week Supplier Showcase at booth number S2110, to be held between January 22 and January 25, 2019. The venue for the trade show is Palazzo Ballroom, 5th Floor, Venetian Hotel Meeting Rooms, Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas. The supplier showcase will be held on two full days – January 21 and January 22, 2019

3 Reasons Why Techna-Tool is attending the SHOT Week Supplier Showcase

The team at Techna-Tool is excited to attend this trade show due to the following reasons:

  • In 2018, the show attracted more than 3,000 attendees from manufacturing-related industries. Being a trade only event, most of the attendees visited the show to meet the leading suppliers, connect with the new suppliers, or in search of reliable supply chain partners. With vast industry experience and thousands of installations around the world, Techna-Tool is looking forward to meeting the attendees, who might be interested in systems that help them automate their production process effectively.
  • The SHOT SHOW website suggests that most attendees make the buying decision on the spot, once they are convinced with the product. As a part of this, they are likely to hold discussions with key people, including owners/CEOs, R&D Specialists, engineers, and purchasing agents. Being a customer-centric company, the team of Techna-Tool looks forward to interacting with qualified prospective buyers who may be key decision makers in their respective organizations.
  • The SHOT SHOW also offers in-depth insights into new materials, manufacturing technologies, and processes that help streamline various production processes. This will be a great advantage to Techna-Tool who is passionate about the technologies and trends in the manufacturing industry.


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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Holidays have begun. Everyone is rejoicing after a year of hard work. We know most of you might be busy planning Christmas parties, gifts, and reunions. This is why we believe it is an apt time to remember the year that has gone by and thanks all those who supported us to become one of the well-known names in the industry. In 2018, Techna-Tool made its presence felt at various prestigious industry events such as EXPOMAQ and IMTS 2018. Being part of these events, Techna-Tool had opportunities to interact with new and old customers, as well as display its broad array of tool and process monitoring systems. Also, these events have helped us being part of various industry-based discussions on topics such as Process Innovations, Plant Operations, Industry 4.0, and more.

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Techna-Check PWM3110T Load Transducer Sensor for Tool Monitoring

In machine tool monitoring applications, a current measurement system that can reliably measure AC current is of utmost necessity. Power transducer is a simple and reliable way to get this job done with high efficiency. Compared to conventional current transformers (CTs), Load Transducer Sensors have undergone several innovations and improvements over the years with the add-ons of several proven features. Now the question you might be having in your mind is which is the fast and accurate power or current transducer model available in the market for tool monitoring applications? Read on to know this!

Techna-Check PWM3110T Load Transducer Sensor
With several beneficial features, Techna-Tool TECHNA-CHECK® PWM3110T Load Transducer Sensor stands amongst the best options where power interruptions and voltage sags are common. This device is available in the following specifications. Continue reading

MiJET: An Innovative Cleaning Tool for Industries

We all know the importance of keeping production floors and machines clean and free of oil and related residue. This debris not only hampers the speed and productivity but also increases the risk of slips and falls on the floor. A regular air spray done through a nozzle allows dirt to settle on the floor and in fact, some of it is inhaled by the workers around. There is equipment that helps shop owners keep the surroundings clean. Among them, MiJET is an innovative unit that cleans the oil and residue from parts. It is a localized cleaning unit that offers many other benefits when it is installed near CNC machines. It comes in various sizes and operates on the basic principle of air. Do you want to know how these machines work? Or why they becoming popular? This post discusses them in detail.

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Techna Tool to Exhibit at the IMTS 2018 to be Held in Chicago

Techna Tool, a leading supplier of tool and process monitoring systems in the US, will be seen exhibiting its products and services at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2018. This event will take place from September 10th – 15th, 2018, and will be held at the McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. Techna Tool will be greeting its clients, and prospects at booth number #135646.

About the International Manufacturing Technology Show

The IMTS is considered to be the largest manufacturing show in America. This year, it is going to be the 32nd edition of this premium manufacturing technology show.  The show is held biennially, and is a host to a huge number of buyers and sellers from across the globe. The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) is the show sponsor.

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Techna-Check PM-1 – A Revolutionary Production Monitoring System from Techna Tool

A production monitoring system is a device that monitors the production of a machine and sends the report back to the custom software through Ethernet. Techna-Tool is one of the leaders in providing reliable production monitoring systems in the US. The company has developed its own production monitoring system called as “Techna-Check PM-1”. Are you interested to know more about this system, and its features? Well, the following post is dedicated to help you understand this system better. Read on to know more.

What is a Production Monitoring System?

Before we move forward to understanding the beneficial features, and advantages of Techna-Check PM-1, let us know what the system is exactly. The main objective of a production monitoring system is to collect the overall performance data of the production line. This data is collected in real time, while the production is going on. Production performance data collected from the various sections of the production line is then submitted to the managers or employees, who are working on the line. By collecting this performance data with the help of the production monitoring system, it helps enhance the competency of the overall line. Continue reading

BK Mikro LIN Linear Scanner- A Revolutionary Tool from Techna Tool

Techna Tool’s BK Mikro LIN linear scanner is one of the most important tools used in the applications, which involve monitoring geometries. As the name suggests, this tool is used for linear or longitudinal scanning purpose. If you want to scan bore holes, cavities, or critical coolant pressure, and if rotary scanning is not possible or inappropriate due to limited space arrangements, then in such case, this linear scanner is of great help. The many benefits of this tool has made it popular in several applications.

Let us have a look at some beneficial features of the BK Mikro LIN linear scanner tool.

The Striking Features of BK Mikro Linear Scanner That Make it Popular

Here are some most striking beneficial features of the linear scanner tool from Techna Tool:

1. The linear scanner tool allows you to effectively monitor the scanning position. The precise scanning position is entered by “Teach-in” feature.
2. With BK Mikro linear scanner, it is possible for you to carry out the tool check prior to every working cycle (tool monitoring). Depending on the controller you use it can save up to 512 scanning positions.
3. The tip of the probe is available in many variants. So, depending on the project, you can choose the tip or make your own customer tip.
4. You can program your checking tolerance as tight a 0.05mm in the controller software for the “O.K.” message.
5. The scanning result is indicated by the two LEDs for “O.K” and “K.O” at the control unit. Continue reading