Pump-Monitoring System

Learn How Techna –Guard Helps in Effective Pump Monitoring

Electric pumps are used in many industrial facilities for fluid transfer. Although designed for challenging work environments, these pumps can be damaged easily due to dry running, cavitation, load tripping, etc. These conditions must be monitored regularly to avoid downtimes. This can be easily achieved using pump monitoring systems like Techna-Guard, developed by Techna-Tool. There are several load monitoring systems in the market, however, Techna-Guard stands tall among them due to its features. Now you may ask, what makes Techna-Guard the best pump monitoring system and what challenges can be mitigated using them? Read this post to know more.

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Worn Tool Protection

Know About Worn Tool Protection

Tool monitoring is an important aspect of machine health, and machine health is integral to high productivity and efficiency, along with a good operational life and reduced wear. While an audiovisual inspection and quick analysis may help identify machine health to some extent, it is important to install a good electronic monitoring system to monitor worn out tools through vibration analysis. Another aspect is monitoring of power consumption by a machine which helps monitor machine health through load and performance analysis. This post discusses pointers for tool wear protection and more.

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Why Your CNC machine Shop Needs a Good CNC Tool Breakage Detection System?

Tool breakage has been one of the key challenges in manufacturing facilities. Tool wear, over usage, and operator error are some of the reasons for tool failure during machining operations. Tool wear occurs naturally and can cause breakage if not changed at the correct intervals. It is common knowledge that tool breakages cost time and money. What are other consequences? They can affect product quality, cause machine downtime, and ultimately hamper your brand image. With so many CNC machine shops competing to find customers, do you want this to happen? If not, you should look to add a reliable CNC tool breakage detection system. This post discusses these tool breakage detection systems in detail, including their technologies and benefits. Continue reading

Importance of Production Monitoring in Manufacturing Facilities

Production monitoring has been performed in manufacturing for many years. It is a daily or weekly inspection of production processes for quality improvement and error detection. This has typically been done manually by the machine operators writing down production counts from the day. Advancements in electronics and computing technologies have been eliminated the need for manual data entry allowing for the process to be partially or fully automated. This has increased productivity and decreased manual intervention and errors. As automation increases throughout different industries so has the need for production monitoring.

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Get Introduced to 5 Conditions Monitored by Tool Monitoring Systems

Tool Monitoring System Blog Banner

In any manufacturing unit, machines and tools are used to manufacture a certain part or product and hence undergo continuous use. This may lead to wear and tear and, at times malfunctioning, which needs to be prevented at any cost. Tool monitoring systems are used by manufacturers to monitor the health of their machines and equipment periodically. This forms a significant part of their capital investments but helps cut down on unnecessary costs and downtime. This is because they evaluate machine components and processes to ensure efficient machining and allow the operator to take required steps to avoid downtime and overall repair costs. Most tool monitoring systems can perform different monitoring functions. This post introduces you to some common monitoring functions performed by these tools.

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How Tool Monitoring Systems Work?

Tool monitoring systems are used in manufacturing facilities to determine the working conditions of different machines. Over the years, these systems have become an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry. They help interpret capabilities and working conditions of different machine parts and tools. Although all tool monitoring systems may look similar and help identify tool and machine errors, they work differently. These systems are distinguished on the basis of their underlying tool monitoring technologies. Acoustic emission, power monitoring, vibration analysis, and position monitoring are four common technologies utilized by tool monitoring systems. How do tool monitoring systems powered by these technologies work? Read this post to know the answers.

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Machine Tool Monitoring Systems

Tool monitoring is an important aspect of any manufacturing process. It helps evaluate the machining process to ensure proper machining and help the operator take the necessary steps to avoid downtime and prevent defective production. Owing to these features, machine monitoring tool find it’s application across multiple industries. These systems gather information sensors and interpret the data to offer insights on the machine, power consumption, and other details. Choosing the right machine tool monitoring system is important. However, the selection of a machine tool monitoring system isn’t easy as it may sound. This is because there are different types of systems with various specifications which may or may not work for your application. There are several things to consider before making a decision. Are you intrigued to know what they are? If so, then read the following post.

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Everything You Need to Know about Tool Monitoring Systems

Tool Monitoring System

Tools in good working conditions play a vital role in several machining processes across manufacturing facilities of various sectors. Earlier, almost all manufacturing units employed human labor for monitoring tools. However, this was time-consuming and had a lot of scope for human error. With technological advancements, now most players use tool monitoring systems to check the health of their machines and tools. This reduces time, the scope for errors, and identifies bugs that can be fixed in time. High-quality and precision tool monitoring systems not only help you monitor broken and missing tools but also reduce tool wear. These systems are best at maintaining quality assurance and also preventing severe damage when the tool breaks. This post discusses the benefits of tool monitoring systems in detail. So, stay tuned.

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Production Monitoring System and Its Benefits

A manufacturing process has various stages such as ideation and conceptualization, product design, analysis, production and testing. Since production is an important aspect it needs to be monitored at every step. This techna check production process contains many steps and monitoring/controlling these steps manually is not an easy task and opens the door for human errors.

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Techna Gear Grinding and Advantages of Using Techna Gears Discussed

Techna Gear Grinding
Techna Gear Grinding Process

Precision Hirth gears are one of the important types of gears used in different industrial machines to connect two shaft pieces. These gears feature precision ground surfaces that help improve their performance in crankshafts, medical devices, gas turbines, and agricultural machines. There are fewer companies that offer these gears, and Techna-Tool stands tall among them. How surface grinding of these gears add to their performance? How Techna-Tool performs the Techna gear grinding at its facility? What are the advantages of using precision Hirth gears in your applications? Do all these questions interest you? If yes, you must read this post to know the answers.

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