Greetings from Techna-Tool- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021

The year 2020 is about to end. The most awaited and wonderful time of year is upon us. It is the time to retrospect the year, make new resolutions, meet family and friends, and indulge in festivities. Like everyone else, we at Techna-Tool, are busy building a new roadmap for our journey in 2021 while acknowledging the efforts of all those who have added to our business bottom line with their efforts, orders, and support in various ways. Since the 1990s, we have successfully installed more than 90000 process monitoring tools for our clients. Although the year 2020 was challenging for us, as for most people, we would have never made it without our customers, employees, business partners, and well-wishers.

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Learn the Design of BK Mikro- A Tool Monitoring System by Techna-Tool

BK MIkro - Tool Monitoring System

A tool monitoring system is an integrated system designed for monitoring tool conditions in various machines and applications. These systems are utilized for checking for broken/missing tools, object position and free space. These tool monitoring systems are commonly used for CNC machines and automated production processes. There are several tool monitoring systems in the market. Although they all serve the same purpose, they are not made the same. Techna-Tool provides one of the most popular tools and process monitoring systems – BK Mikro. The design of this system is one of the key reasons for its popularity. This post discusses the design of this tool monitoring system.

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Six Reasons Why Techna-Check Production Monitoring Systems Are Ideal For Your Production Floor

Techna-Check Production Monitoring Systems

Today, production monitoring has emerged as one of the important requirements across all industries. It enables manufacturers to work efficiently and meet their organizational or production goals effortlessly. Production monitoring is an integral part of lean manufacturing, as it not only helps track the production but also cut down on activities that add no value to the production or the customer. Today, it is easy to find several production monitoring tools in the market. Although they all work with a common goal of monitoring manufacturing tasks, still, they largely differ in terms of features, user-friendliness, utility, and costs. Due to this abundance of variety, choosing a suitable production monitoring system can be difficult. This post eases your selection by introducing you to a popular production monitoring system – Techna-Check PM-1 by Techna-Tool.

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CNC Machining Monitoring

CNC Machine Monitoring: Introduction, Tools, and Applications

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines are advanced and automated machines that are used in metal and plastic machining industries for accurate, repeatable and affordable production. The performance of these systems depends on a numeric program set on the CNC operating panel. Once the machining process starts, the operator has minimal control over the function. Therefore, it is difficult to know the progress of the process until the products are ready and out of the CNC system. Generally, CNC machines are used for batch production, repeated operation, and operator-independent production. In such cases, one error can repeat over the whole batch production if not detected and resolved. This can cause major production loss followed by a drop in profits and damage to brand reputation. Therefore, it is important to monitor the CNC production. There are several CNC machine monitoring interfaces available, however, it is important to know them thoroughly before the use. In this post, the CNC machine monitoring system and the process is introduced followed by its industrial significance and applications.

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Pump Load Monitoring System Blog Image

Techna-Guard: Everything You Need to Know about Pump Load Monitoring System

Mechanical equipment like pumps are motor-operated. These devices are powered by electricity and are designed to transfer different types of fluids. As these pump systems work under harsh environmental and functional conditions, they may incur faulty situations like load tripping, overload, cavitation, etc. These conditions may damage the pump system during operation and can cause severe damages and accidents. This is why it very important to monitor the load for smooth and efficient performance. Pump load monitoring systems are used to monitor the input current and performance output of the pump system. This post focuses on the importance of load monitoring systems and introduces you to a popular load monitoring system.

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Know about Different Tool Setting and Breakage Technologies

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are designed for long-term performance and repeatability, and they have ushered a new era of manufacturing. Although these machines are designed for perfection, at times they may not work as expected due to broken tools or inaccurate tool settings. How to avoid this situation? The answer lies in various tool setting and breakage tool detection technologies. This post offers you insights on these technologies, their importance, and their types.

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Techna-Guard – How to Avoid Dry Running of Pumps?

Dry running of pumps implies they being operated without any liquid inside, and this is not recommended at all. This is because of an obvious reason that a lot of heat will be generated, there will be friction between some components, and a possible damage to impellers. There are many damages, which could occur because of dry running. So dry running of pumps should be avoided at all costs. This post discusses various factors that lead to dry running of pumps, and ends by letting you know of an effective way to prevent it.

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How is Techna-Tool Equipped to Face COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a pandemic that has affected more than 199 countries and territories across the globe. COVID-19, also referred to as a coronavirus disease, is caused by the virus strain SARS COV-2 and it is a respiratory disease that causes similar symptoms as viral fever. As of March 30, 2020, the Worldometer has reported 735,015 cases worldwide, with more than 34,085 deaths. The virus strain was first reported in China in December 2019, but today it has penetrated almost every country in the world. The virus has caused more destruction than any other virus in the history of humankind. The virus is spread through human contact. Hence, various countries including the United States, the UK, Italy, and so on have imposed strict bans on travel and human movement.

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BK Mikro TK7 System – An Overview of Operation and Benefits

Automation of machines has immensely helped manufacturers across industries. They have helped them accelerate their time-to-market capabilities and reduce human errors. Although automated machines are considered an asset to any facility, they do require regular monitoring and maintenance. Now you may think about how to identify broken tools or monitor a process. This can be easily done using advanced tools and processing systems. There are several tools and process monitoring systems available in the market. BK Mikro TK7 is one of the industry-leading tools, objects, and free space monitoring systems in use today. What makes it different? Read the post to know the answers. 

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Techna-Guard – Why is it a Popular Pump Overload Detector in the US?

Motor-driven pumps are one of the important mechanical devices used to transfer different types of fluids, in various industries. It is noticed that pump installations often fail due to reasons varying from suction loss to jams, thereby causing severe damage to pumps or their motors. How can this be avoided? The answer is that it can be avoided by monitoring the load on the motor. Is there a reliable way to monitor the motor load? Yes, there is a reliable way and Techna-Guard offers the same. How does this pump overload detector work? Read the post to know more. Continue reading