The Design and Manufacturing Processes of Techna-Tool’s Hirth Gears

Techna-Tool Inc. provides a variety of Hirth gears for applications requiring positioning, and component adjustment solutions. They are ideal for gas turbines, aircraft engines, and machining equipment. In this post, we discuss how Techna-Tool Inc. designs and manufactures these gears to meet the requirements of diverse applications.

Hirth Gears – Design and Manufacturing Aspects

Each aspect of this product, from the material to the Hirth gears manufacturing processes, has been chosen to provide solutions in terms of performance and durability.

  • Material: Chromium-Molybdenum steel (41xx Series) is used as the manufacturing material. Also known as chromoly steel, this material is known for its immense strength to weight ratio. It is also superior to type 1020 steel in terms of hardness and strength.
  • Machining: The gears undergo milling processes to create the teeth, which help the gears function in industrial applications. First, the teeth are rough machined, then thermally annealed, and finally semi-finish machined to get the right specifications and aesthetic finish.
  • Grinding and Hardening Processes: These two processes are performed for the teeth and gear surface. The gear faces and their diameters are rough ground using CNC grinders. The teeth are designed to have a surface hardness of HRc54 ±2. This is followed by precision grinding of the faces, and the interior and exterior diameters. The gears are precision ground again on their faces on both diameters.
  • Final Processes & Inspection:The Hirth teeth undergo a final round of semi-finishing, and grinding before being sent for inspection. The final grinding ensures that the teeth meet the specifications accurately. The Hirth teeth also undergo a thermal stress relief process for improved application performance.

Techna-Tool Inc. ensures that these processes are performed meticulously to ensure long-lasting performance and aesthetics of the Hirth gears. Contact us to know more about our Hirth gear related services.