Monitoring Tools for Climate Change and Agriculture

In a collaboration that reflects the worldwide relevance of the issues being addressed, scientists from the University of Maryland and their counterparts at Beijing Normal University in China are working at creating a global monitoring system which, when fully implemented, will enable governments, organizations, and companies alike the means to predict long-term changes in climate and weather systems, in turn allowing them to develop strategies that cope with drought, rising sea levels, and large-scale crop failure, long before these events come to pass.

Being that our company is based in Wisconsin, a state where agricultural production figures highly; and being that we ourselves are in the business of providing automated monitoring Crop Fieldsolutions that can predict the malfunction of production systems, we couldn’t help but notice that there is a strong connection between our own line of work and this larger-scale endeavor. Through remote sensing, satellite imaging, and data monitoring, researchers at the University of Maryland will be able to track faulty weather patterns much as our own tools and software detect faults in the machining line. To be sure, weather systems and machining lines have their vast, quantum-leap differences, but what they have in common is fascinating: both are, in essence, production lines that strive to bring about a finished product for human consumption.

In addition to monitoring weather systems, the collaborative effort will keep minute watch on land use and foliage cover. In short, this consortium effort aims at nothing short of improving Earth’s quality control systems. We at Techna-Tool can only respond with resounding applause.