Time to Schedule Your Annual Check-Up? Tool Monitoring Software Can Help

Monitoring image

June is National Safety Month, the perfect reason to schedule your company’s annual check-up this summer. During the check-up, you’ll want to examine all equipment to make sure it’s operating properly and is in good condition. Worn pieces should be repaired or replaced, and all computer systems should be up-to-date and accurate.

Keep in mind that human error is often behind major problems. Inputting incorrect data or operating machinery in the wrong way can have disastrous consequences. For this reason, it is equally important to check up on user guidelines, proper signage, and staff training.

Check-Up List:

Install/Update Signage – In the case of an emergency, do workers know what to do? Have clear instructions posted in high traffic areas.

Create/Update Operation Manuals – All work functions should have a basic set of guidelines for how to do the job. Similarly, all machinery should have an operation manual. In the event of an unexpected staff departure, other workers will be able to pick up where things were left off with the help of written instructions.

Staff Training – Ensure that each person on your team knows how to correctly operate all equipment in the department. Be sure that all workers are following the same procedures, and have at least working knowledge of other departments in case of future staff transitions.

Tool Monitoring Software – Annual check-ups help ensure a safe and efficient manufacturing operation. One way to further advance workplace safety is by installing broken tool monitoring systems. These systems automatically check for problems, and will shut down a machine in the event of a technical failure. This saves time, equipment, money, and potentially lives.

What other tips and recommendations do you have for manufacturers during Safety Month?