Understanding the role of Machine Tool Monitoring in CNC Machines

Machine Tool Monitoring

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines are the important tool management and positioning machines used in various manufacturing centers. These machines use computer systems to control the machine tools (lathes, mills, and grinders). With such dependability on CNC machines, it is very important that the CNC machines should be periodically assessed and ensure they are in good working condition. Today, diverse machine tool monitoring systems are used for the purpose of monitoring CNC machines. These systems gather information from CNC machine components or parts and process them to interpret their working conditions and capabilities. Data obtained from the CNC machines are processed to detect various flaws and disturbances that may affect productivity. Are you eager to learn how machine tool monitoring in CNC machines works and different advantages offered by it? If yes, then you must continue reading this post.

How do Machine Tool Monitoring Systems Work?

The USB interface of the machine tool monitoring equipment is connected to the CNC machine using a fieldbus communicator such as PROFIBUS. The tool monitoring system measures and assesses various operations. One such operation is where it measures the pressure used to turn the spindle. Depending on the observation, standard limits are set in the tool monitoring system. The value of the limit helps determine and identify broken or missing components such as broken belts, damaged spindles, and bearings in the CNC machine.

Also, the tool monitoring helps to identify the amount of power consumed by various CNC machine tools to cut different materials. If a tool takes a long time to cut the material, the power consumption is high. In this case, the machine tool stops and highlights the affected problem using graphs or statistical data.

Key Benefits of Tool Monitoring in CNC Machines

CNC machine tool monitoring offers solutions to many challenges induced by missing, in capacitive or worn components. Some benefits are as mentioned below:

  • The machine tool monitoring helps optimize performance of CNC machines by providing necessary information about their operation. This helps eliminate the high costs incurred on replacing worn tools, lost machine parts, etc. Overall equipment effectiveness is increased as a result of consistent machine tool monitoring process. This increased effectiveness helps increase the company’s ROI and productivity.
  • All events in the CNC machines are monitored through the time stamping process. The timestamping process records the event when an unwanted failure such as tool breakage or failure occurs. The stop button is pressed immediately, which halts the process in order to avoid any further damage to the CNC machine.

All the above mentioned benefits suggest why CNC machine tool monitoring is gaining prominence in various industries. Also, it is important that you purchase these systems from a reliable manufacturer.  Techna Tool Inc. is a leading manufacturer of efficient tool monitoring systems and accessories for diverse applications.