What Makes Hirth Gears so Popular?

Hirth Gears are widely used in the machine tool industry and in general mechanical engineering. Also called Hirth Rings or Hirth Couplings, we will explore the advantages of Hirth Gears that make them so popular.


Advantages of Hirth Gears

  1. High Repeat and Indexing Precision: Hirth Gears have a high degree of indexing and accuracy. This property makes them an ideal choice in positioning of components that are rotationally symmetrical. With Hirth Gears, work pieces can be held firmly in place aiding in the production of quality parts.
  2. Minimum Space Required: Minimal space is required to disassemble a Hirth Gear, making repair and maintenance easier and reducing cost.
  3. Easy Connection and Positioning: Hirth Gears offer easy release connection and positioning forassembly and disassembly.
  4. Eliminates Backlash: Hirth Gears have a capability to deliver high torque from small diameters without backlash.
  5. Provide Long Shelf Life: One of the biggest advantage of Hirth Gears is that they are maintenance-free, and have a long shelf life.
  6. Resistant to Wear: Hirth Gears are generally made from chromium molybdenum steel, which makes them highly resistant to wear and can withstand extreme conditions.

Applications of Hirth Gears

The advantages of Hirth Gears make them the preferred choice in many applications including:

  1. Turbo Compressors
  2. Nuclear Technology
  3. Rotary Indexing Tables
  4. Robotics
  5. Medical Technology
  6. Metrology
  7. Pallet Chargers
  8. Turret Heads

Hirth Gear Provider

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