What Makes Techna-Tool Hirth Coupling Tool Unique in the Market

Invented decades ago, yet still up-to-date, the Hirth coupling is a connection and positioning component used across many industries for various assembly and machining processes. The design of the coupling is such that it allows you to position and connect shafts, disks, rotors, wheels and cranks with precision. They are amongst the most indispensable elements used for turbine shafts, surgical operation tables, agricultural machines, construction machinery and cranes, rail vehicle maintenance, 3D printers, machine tools, and much more.

Techna-Tool – The Name Synonymous to Quality

Consider partnering with Techna-tool when you require standard as well as custom Hirth couplings with any specifications. Hirth couplings from Techna-Tool offer an ideal combination of torque capacity, torsion and bending rigidity, making them ideal for critical machinery in various industrial sectors.

We can provide you with high-grade, standard 2 piece Hirth couplings in diameters ranging from 50 mm to 1200 mm. Also, we have the right team, knowledge, and technique to custom manufacture couplings up to 1500 mm in diameter, including 3 piece sets.

What Makes Our Hirth Couplings Popular in the Market?

There are several unique features that add to their popularity for a wide range of applications in medical, automotive, military, construction, electronics, and telecommunication industries.

  • Wear Resistant :

    Considering the aggressive nature of the application areas, our couplings are manufactured using superior quality raw materials. At Techna-Tool, we make use of chromium-molybdenum steel to fabricate the Hirth teeth. This maximizes the couplings’ service life and enhances the functionality even with incessant usage in demanding applications.

  • Rigid Locking :
    Hirth couplings from Techna-Tool use Hirth teeth (60 degree included angle), hardened to HRc 54 +/-2, to ensure firm locking. Hence, they possess excellent load bearing capacities and can endure high static and dynamic loads. Also, a user can apply greater machining force to the tool due to its positive locking feature.
  • Self-centering :

    Techna-Tool’s Hirth couplings are self-centering. Hence they provide very low axial and radial run-out.

If you cannot find the right coupling with the desired specifications from our product list, you can choose the customization option. You provide us with detailed specifications including, number and position of teeth, assembly dimensions, machining and positional tolerances, etc. We work in close association with our clients to produce a quality custom Hirth coupling within the stipulated delivery time.

We are involved in constant research to modify our existing product line on a timely basis to meet the varying demands of today’s industries. This helps us ramain competitive in the market.