5 Key Benefits of Techna-Check Tool Monitoring Systems

Techna-Check Tool Monitoring Systems

Tools in good working condition are a primary requirement for any manufacturing facility. Most manufacturing units follow a traditional method of tool change – based on prediction or experience. However, tool breakage or non-functioning tools are completely unpredictable. This is why manufacturing facilities are seriously considering tool monitoring technologies, which help them reduce tool wear and minimize their downtime and repair costs. This post concentrates on one such efficient tool monitoring system – Techna- Check – and its key benefits.

Basic Introduction to Techna-Check Tool Monitoring Systems

The tool monitoring system Techna-Check was developed by Techna-Tool Inc. It is designed to monitor broken tools, or identify changing tool geometry due to regular use. The system uses spindle power monitoring as well as vibration analysis to identify these changes. These monitoring systems are provided in five models:

  • Model TC-USB
  • Model 6400 and 6401
  • Model PCI
  • Model 3200
  • Model 101

Five Advantages of Techna-Check Tool Monitoring Systems

There are various technologies that offer machine and tool monitoring. What differentiates Techna-Check from them? Read below to know more:

  • Ideal for Monitoring Single Spindle Head Tools: The tool monitoring systems are ideal for monitoring single spindle head tools such as HMC, gun drills, tools in bushing plates, milling cutters, etc.
  • Helps Improve Tool Performance and Tool Life: These monitoring systems can produce a list of process improvements, which helps a manufacturer identify tool wear and damage in the preliminary phases. Also, a manufacturer can decide on necessary actions to improve the performance of tools. For example, tolerances and surface finish can be improved. The manufacturer will get a sufficient time to replace expensive tooling before his work gets affected.
  • Easy Set Up and Installation: The Techna-Check tool monitoring systems have easy to use interfaces. The software can be easily set up without any external help. The user can easily customize the software per the requirement. The various models are designed for easy installation in any small or big set up, and require no additional modifications. The entire unit can be easily mounted into any existing electrical cabinets.
  • Helps Prevent Costly Crashes: Machine crashes are common in manufacturing set ups. For example, if a machine crashes ten times a day with each crash costing 100 dollars, just imagine how much you end up losing every day. However, Techna-Tool has designed these monitoring systems such that they help business owners prevent these costly crashes, and achieve their productivity, maintain their quality, and performance.
  • Excellent Tool Grind Adjustments: There is an integrated “learn” function, which helps the system to compensate for tool grind differences, as well as improve its monitoring process every time. This feature immensely helps reduce monitoring faults.

The above benefits validate the use of the Techna-Check tool monitoring systems. These systems help businesses increase their efficiency, minimize their tooling and machining investments as well as improve their productivity.