The Speed, Accuracy, and Versatility Techna-Tool’s BK Mikro TK8A Systems

Automatic Tool Changers (ATC) in machining centers are designed to help improve the machine’s tool carry capacity, and in turn, overall productivity. An ATC is designed to work with numerous tools, and can change large and heavy tools quickly to reduce any amount of unproductive time.

One of the most productive features in the successful use of the tool changer is a precise CNC broken tool sensor. This is installed within the ATC, and helps in broken tool detection. If you are looking for a fast, versatile, and long-lasting broken tool sensor, then Techna-Tool Inc.’s BK Mikro TK8A is the solution for you.

The BK Mikro TK8A system allows for quick broken tool detection within the tool changer. It is designed to ensure that the machine can check for a broken tool in the shortest amount of time, and not delay the machining cycle.

What is the Function of the BK Mikro TK8A?

The following points will help you understand the entire operation of the BK Mikro TK8A CNC broken tool sensor from beginning to end.

  • The TK8A scanner utilizes a servo-motor and encoder to measure the lengths of different tools. Those measurements are then stored into the BK Mikro control unit.
  • The scanner wand moves out from its primary position, and measures the precise length of each tool by measuring the angle the scanner wand has moved.
  • When all the tool lengths are stored in the memory, the BK Mikro broken tool sensor system can check the angle of any tool while the machining center begins its next operation.
  • Once any tool has completed the machining process, the TK8A will check its length and compare it to the stored lengths.

If the length is still the same, the BK Mikro control will provide an ‘OK’ signal, and the CNC machining center will be allowed to continue working. If the tool is broken, the control will provide a “KO” signal, and shut the machine down automatically.

Benefits of the BK Mikro TK8A CNC Broken Tool Sensor

Industrial facilities that utilize CNC machining centers will gain a variety of benefits by choosing to add our broken tool sensor to their ATCs.

  • Tools that vary as much as 15ʺ in length can be checked and detected by the sensor.
  • The system’s design is simple, consisting of five components in total. This makes processes like installation, use, and maintenance quite easy.
  • The scanner has the capability to store up to 512 tool lengths in memory (or an infinite number, when using Bus systems). Moreover, it can be controlled using different types of communication systems. These can include a DeviceNet, Profibus, ProfiNet or a combination of M-Code or Macro I/O, and 24vdc.

As you can see, the design and operation of the BK Mikro TK8A scanner cannot only help enhance the function of CNC machining centers, but also ensure consistent productivity in manufacturing. If you would like to see the BK Mikro CNC broken tool sensors in action, please click on this video link.