A Little Bit About Ourselves and What We Do Best

We got started back in 1990 in Hartland, WI, but since that time, we’ve seen our fair share of the world and its technological markets. In the past twenty-some years, we’ve developed a line of BK Mikro and Techna-Check monitoring systems and software programs that allow metal cutting manufacturers from across the globe – everywhere from America to Germany – the effective means of monitoring the safety, efficiency, and durability of their equipment.

The question arises, how does a company manage to sell over 65,000 of its custom-made, high-performance metal cutting monitoring systems worldwide and still retain its Hartland roots? The answer is as simple as the work has been complex: we retain a trustworthy, highly-educated team whose individual skill-sets complement each other perfectly. We are a company of both thinkers and makers who continuously strive to invent, innovate, and follow through with what we promise. High-volume machinery, the automotive industry, and medical equipment manufacturers – to name but a few – have all taken notice of our quiet competence and lightning-quick ability to develop specific solutions to their specific industrial problems. We have an ability that’s allowed us to outperform some of the largest companies on Earth in attracting business.

While we’re certainly proud of the acclaim we’ve received from well-known manufacturers, not to mention our steadily increasing sales figures, we’d also like to emphasize that we are not simply in this business for the sole sake of profit. We are problem-solvers who genuinely enjoy problem-solving, and businessmen who genuinely enjoy helping other businesses flourish. In short, we combine the ethics of small-town America (neighborliness, a hard work ethic, and a firm inner resolve to succeed no matter what the odds) and apply them intuitively at the global level. It seems to be working.