BK Mikro TK8A: How to Check Tools without Losing Cycle Time

Nothing slows you down like broken tooling; everything comes to a screeching halt, and unfortunately, it can sometimes mean for hours of lost productivity. At Techna-Tool, we hate wasted time (and money!) as much as you do, that’s why we created the BK Mikro TK8A. Our innovative TK8A is a scanner made specifically to detect broken tools inside the tool changer without losing machining time.

You can store up to 512 different tool lengths in the TK8A’s memory and using the BK Mikro is fast… really fast. Unlike some alternatives, like laser systems and touch probes, the TK8A works while the machine is running; tracking production against the stored data. If it senses a break or problem it will immediately stop the machine. The BK Mikro 8 comes with:

  • A BKM91, 92, or 93 control unit
  • BKM9I/O I/O unit
  • Scanner, connection cable, handy mounting bracket

Like everything else Techna-Tool makes the BK Mikro TK8A brings together reliability, precision, and durability in one easy-to-use and ready-to-install unit. Check out the BK Mikro TK8A scanner in action.