Techna-Tool’s Tips for Lights-out Machining

We’d all probably agree that it would be great to walk away from work at the end of the day with complete confidence that, in the morning, our work would have continued on without us, free of errors. As manufacturers across industries look to achieve overnight, unmanned production runs without broken and defective parts, Techna-Tool is able to help in a few key areas. While several components are necessary to achieve a functioning lights-out system (such as specialized machines, robotic loading, and fire suppression systems, just to name a few), we offer a solution for both broken tool detection and a monitoring/alert system. Our Techna-Check PM-1 production monitoring system offers a great way to improve the consistency of your lights-out machining.

The PM-1 instantly receives signals from the machine, notifying it when a part or process is complete, or a part is bad, and when the machine is simply running. To avoid waking up to thousands of broken parts, the BK Mikro will shut down the machine and then the Production Monitor will email you a notification, so no early AM surprises! The unit also stores the critical technical production data of each shift so you can compare and fine-tune your line. The software allows for setting production rates and daily goals, all while displaying a wide variety of data including:

  • Number of good/ bad parts and run time
  • Maximum and current parts per hour
  • Percentage of parts per hour and daily production goal

If you are looking for a production monitor that makes outstanding lights-out machining possible and effective, then look no further than the Techna-Check PM-1. For more industry insights and tips, keep an eye on our blog and follow us on Twitter!