Techna-Guard: Everything You Need to Know about Pump Load Monitoring System

Mechanical equipment like pumps are motor-operated. These devices are powered by electricity and are designed to transfer different types of fluids. As these pump systems work under harsh environmental and functional conditions, they may incur faulty situations like load tripping, overload, cavitation, etc. These conditions may damage the pump system during operation and can cause severe damages and accidents. This is why it very important to monitor the load for smooth and efficient performance. Pump load monitoring systems are used to monitor the input current and performance output of the pump system. This post focuses on the importance of load monitoring systems and introduces you to a popular load monitoring system.

Why is load monitoring important in pumps?

Pumps are delicate mechanical devices. A slight fluctuation in input can cause vast variation in the output. These pumps utilize electric current and convert it into mechanical energy in order to pump fluid as an output. The amount of fluid pumped by a pump is a direct function of the power consumed. This means for more fluid transmission, a pump consumes more power. The operation acts vice-versa. If there is less power being used, then the pump may face load tripping and then can run dry. Dry run in the pump system can cause expensive damage. On the other hand, if the pump is overloaded, it tends to pump fluid beyond its capacity. This also causes damage to the system. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the load current or power in the pump system, in order to maintain the input and output of the pump system. Owing to these reasons, the importance of load monitoring systems has increased.

Today, multiple companies manufacture and supply pump load controls under varying specifications. These pump load controls are set for monitoring current, pump output, functional parameters, etc. However, there is one special load monitoring system named Techna-Guard which is quite popular in the USA.

Techna-Guard: Gain an Overview of the Device and Its Advantages

Techna-Guard is different than other pump load controls in the US market. It is a product line that is specifically designed for the optimization of motor-driven pump systems. Unlike, many other load monitoring systems, it monitors power instead of current. Power-driven by the pump system is directly proportional to work done, therefore it monitors power as a linear function. Due to this function, the monitoring becomes convenient for input and output records.

Techna-Guard Product line features the following two mainline products.

  • Techna-Guard CT: It monitors electrical power in terms of symmetrical load power by using the current transformer.
  • Techna-Guard S: It monitors symmetric or asymmetric electric load power by using the shunt sensor.

Beneficial Features of Techna-Guard

Here are some of the features that make Techna-Guard popular:

  • It features fully-digital design without any POTS or dials.
  • It offers multi-measurement and variable frequencies.
  • It is easy to install and operate.
  • The system features peak value capture for all operating variables.
  • It offers function based on four digital controls such as up, down, mode, and reset, therefore it can be operated according to the requirements.
  • The operation of Techna-Guard is secured by implementing start-up timers, delay timers, high alarms for overload, and low alarm for a dry run. These protective features secure the pump system from potential damage.
  • Techna-Guard comes with 2 years product warranty, which covers full replacement of the system.

Applications of Techna-Guard

Techna-Guard is known to have extensive industrial applications in industrial systems like pumps, hoists, conveyors, mixers, cranes, pulverizes and grinders, mechanical industrial transmission systems, etc. All these systems are integrated with Techna-Guard to serve the following purposes.

  • Techna-Guard is used to protect the pump system, transmission systems, grinders, mixers, etc from dry running, cavitation, and jamming, etc.
  • It is used to monitor the fluid flow rate in pumps and fans.
  • It is widely used to evaluate viscosity changes.
  • Techna-Guard is used to prevent accidental damage as it can alert for loss of load, mechanical failure, shock load, bearing wear and tear, and operational link damage, etc.
  • The system is used to control optimum feed rate in compliance to input and output specifications is a transmission system, pump system, fan installation, etc,

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