Harley Davidson: American Icon and Techna-Tool Customer

Whoever came up with the name “Motor City” for Detroit clearly never heard the sound of a Harley-Davidson being fired up. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Harley-Davidson gives the big Three a run for their money, both on the highway and off. Part motorcycle, part 20th century legend, the signature rumble of these bikes has been heard on highways, boulevards, and at intersections across America for generations now – a working-man’s sonic boom. The subject of endless pop culture tributes in music, film, and television, Harley-Davidson has grown to be as substantive a presence in American iconography as the Empire State Building, or George Washington’s wig.

So when Harley-Davidson approached us several years ago to help them optimize production at their plants in and around Milwaukee, we weren’t exactly about to say no. Our BK Mikro tool failure monitoring systems and Techna-Check software programs are now happily ensconced in the whole Harley manufacturing process. Harley has a reputation to protect as being a reliable, long-distance, pioneering sort of vehicle. Quality control is essential in protecting its brand image, and failure is not an option. With Techna-Tool’s systems operations in place at Harley plants throughout Wisconsin, making sure that all parts and components are joined meticulously into place, Harley’s good name is in good hands. We’re proud to provide an essential service for one of Wisconsin’s most essential companies. Detroit might be the Motor City, but Milwaukee’s got the motorcycles.