BK Mikros Sales Are on the Up and Up

It’s true that American manufacturing output has slowed these last couple months. June and July saw either minimal or negative growth in the industrial sector. But June and July are two lackluster months out of 30-some months of solid gains posted in the US manufacturing sector. Politicians, pundits, and investors alike – those who used to write off America as an industrial has-been – have been forced to reassess their tune: American industrial orders are far above those during the worst years of the Great Recession, besides being extensively more than 2011. Big Three auto sales are not only up, but are in fact skyrocketing. Industrial and transportation jobs are there for the taking across America (though there seems to be a corresponding nationwide lack of skilled industrial workers able to handle all these new production and shipping jobs afforded them).

What does this have to do with Techna-Tool? Why are we crowing victory in an overall slow summer of economic recovery? Well, for one major statistical reason: orders for our BK Mikros have risen manifold since 2011. Part of that is on account of the best monthly domestic auto sales since pre-2007: 14.3 million Big Three automobiles, trucks, jeeps, and SUVs have been sold as of this August. Not bad; not bad at all. If it keeps up like that, it could end up being a record-breaking year. The automakers need improved quality control systems to continue to meet with the growing demand for their products, and that’s where we at Techna-Tool come in.

We’ve stepped up our game to meet the needs of the auto industry.

While pundits from all parties duke it out as far as “who is to blame” for the rough economic ride, American businesses have been quietly optimizing machine lines and installing tool failure detection devices in anticipation of bigger and better quote orders. While politicians and large financial institutions wring their hands on television about how the economy will “ever possibly recover” from its current downturn, automotive, industrial, motorcycle, defense, and medical companies (to name but a few) are getting in on the act of improving the efficiency of their production methods.

With our equipment improving their means of production, new quotes are still coming in strong for these companies. 14.3 million in auto sales doesn’t lie: American manufacturing is back up and running.