Importance of CNC Tool Sensors in Modern Day CNC Machines

CNC was first used for very basic and primary work like tool management and positioning. These were simple tasks and dependency on these machines was minimal. In recent times, CNC machining centers have become very advanced. They are now expected to handle complex processes at faster speeds.

As such, dependability on these machines has increased to a great extent. If these machines malfunction, the entire machining process could be affected or worse, the expensive CNC machines could be damaged.

Maintaining the integrity of the tools used in machining centers is of utmost importance. Broken tools could lead to system failure. Thus, it is important for these machines to be reliable. For this, it is essential to check that all the tools being used are in perfect condition. A CNC broken tool sensor can be useful when used in the tool changer units of machining centers.

Reliable Functioning of Techna-Tool’s BK Mikro TK8A

Techna-Tool’s BK Mikro TK8A scanner is the top-of-the-line broken tool sensor. Housed in an anodized aluminum casing, the TK8A scanner is extremely durable. They have the ability to store 512 different tool lengths with tolerances varying between 0.15˚ and 25.4˚. Two types of wand lengths viz. 380mm and 284 mm are available. The scanning plate measures 80 mm x 15 mm, and 65 mm x 15 mm respectively. They have the capability of performing over 10 million sensing cycles with normal deceleration.

Every time a tool is changed in the tool changer unit, the wand of the scanner moves towards it to check its length. These lengths and the minimum length limits are pre-set. If the scanner detects any inconsistency in the length, it automatically shuts down the machine. This ensures that the machine does not crash.The reliable functioning of the BK Mikro ensures that the tools in the tool changer of a CNC machine are not broken.

The advanced CNC machines available today are responsible for a variety of intricate functions and processes. Broken tool detection systems increase their reliability and ensure consistent performance.