Know About Worn Tool Protection

Tool monitoring is an important aspect of machine health, and machine health is integral to high productivity and efficiency, along with a good operational life and reduced wear. While an audiovisual inspection and quick analysis may help identify machine health to some extent, it is important to install a good electronic monitoring system to monitor worn out tools through vibration analysis. Another aspect is monitoring of power consumption by a machine which helps monitor machine health through load and performance analysis. This post discusses pointers for tool wear protection and more.

Importance of Worn Tool Protection

Most times machines fail to work because of excess wear. This wear is induced due to continuous use without proper health monitoring and maintenance. CNC machined parts, whether standard or customized, are favored by most business players across industries. Nowadays, advanced CNC machines need to cater to the complex designs and ever increasing demands of fabricated parts. These machines possess multiple axes and perform multiple tasks at a time. Also, they are used on a continuous basis for high volume productions. So, they need to be maintained and protected from wear. This is where machine health monitoring holds importance. Continuous use of machines leads to subsequent wear; however, this can be avoided through periodic maintenance and analysis through a proper tool monitoring system. This holds true for most other types of machines used in industrial processes, conveyor systems, and so on. So, when designing a machine, this aspect must be considered.

Reasons for Machine Wear

There are many reasons for machine wear and probable failure or malfunctioning. Here are some of them.

  • While most machines may be designed to process hard materials or form complex shapes, continuous use does take a toll. Also, the application environment such as heat, moisture matter.
  • Cutting certain materials elevate temperatures which speeds up wear and tear of the machine or tool. While reducing speed in between may help to a certain extent; however, that may impact productivity and overall efficiency. Also, that may impact turnaround times.
  • Also, while most tools may be resistant to abrasion and corrosion, continuous contact of corrosive chemicals, acids, and so on does impact the tool in the long run.
  • Chipping, fragmentation, abrasion, and so on are some more reasons which cause wear or machine failure. While for all of this, one can give an extra coating to the tool for added protection, monitoring and analyzing its performance can be done efficiently if an automated system is installed.

If you are a CNC machine services provider it is important to use a worn tool protection system that monitors the tool health and protects them from wear and tear. To improve the benefits, you need to invest in quality systems such as the ones offered by Techna-Tool. The company has developed reliable electronic worn tool protection systems that has been successfully employed across machine shops and manufacturing facilities across the country. The company offers Bk Mikro and Techna Check, which are the popular process and tool monitoring systems successfully deployed across many manufacturing facilities across the country.