Learn How Techna –Guard Helps in Effective Pump Monitoring

Electric pumps are used in many industrial facilities for fluid transfer. Although designed for challenging work environments, these pumps can be damaged easily due to dry running, cavitation, load tripping, etc. These conditions must be monitored regularly to avoid downtimes. This can be easily achieved using pump monitoring systems like Techna-Guard, developed by Techna-Tool. There are several load monitoring systems in the market, however, Techna-Guard stands tall among them due to its features. Now you may ask, what makes Techna-Guard the best pump monitoring system and what challenges can be mitigated using them? Read this post to know more.

3 Pump Challenges Mitigated By Techna-Guard

Pumps appear to be robust, however any small fluctuation in power or dry running can affect their functioning. The features of Techna-Guard will help capture these small variations easily. The following points will help you to better understand the technology.

  • Dry Running: Since most pumps are driven by electric motors there is a certain amount of power being used to pump the fluid. If the output would clog more power would be used to pump the fluid. The opposite would be true if the fluid were to run dry. No fluid or a mix of fluid and air would enter the pump causing less power to be used than under normal conditions. This dry running of the pump can cause server damage. Techna-Guard is equipped with features that monitor over or underload conditions. If a limit is not reach or exceeded the outputs on the system will stop the pump to prevent damage.
  • Wear/Tear and Bearing Damages: Pumps are made of special materials that are built to last but wear and tear still occurs over time. If the wear goes unnoticed it can cause failure that can lead to down time or emergency replacement.

Techna-Guard alerts users about overload conditions which can be caused by bearings starting to fail or general wear/teach on the pump which helps them to schedule maintenance and repair to avoid major downtimes.

Due to the above reasons, Techna-Guard by Techna –Tool has gained immense popularity in the last few years as a pump monitoring systems. The company has successfully installed these systems in manufacturing facilities across the US. Techna-Guard is offered with a 2-year product warranty, which assures full system replacement. This product is designed to optimize the machine and processes powered by 3-phase AC motors.