Know Why CNC Production Monitoring Systems are in Demand

Computer numerical control machine or CNC machines have revolutionized manufacturing. They have set new benchmarks for quality, quantity, and cost-effectiveness. This technique offers several benefits, which makes it popular over other traditional methods. However, it still offers some challenges to manufacturers or machine shops. Although designed for continuous working, CNC machines may sometimes not work as expected. There may be small component or part issues, which if not attended on time would lead to downtimes and part failures. To mitigate this problem, manufacturers rely on various CNC monitoring systems. Are you intrigued to know how these systems work? If yes, this post informs you about the same. It also guides you through the working of Techna-Check-PM-2.

CNC Production Monitoring Systems: Why They Are Preferred by Most Competitive CNC Machine Shops in the US

CNC production monitoring systems have been a benefit for CNC machine shops, as they help machine operators to collect a wide range of data including:

  • Cycle Times
  • Targets
  • Stops
  • Production and Non-Production Times
  • Rejection Rates
  • Planned halts
  • Daily or weekly targets
The above metrics help production managers to make necessary changes in the production line to improve its effiency. Is that all? No, there is more to it. The following pointers will help you understand it better.
  • Production monitoring systems utilize a software that helps floor managers to set their daily production goals and maximize the efficiency of their projects.
  • Generally, these systems are designed for quick and easy installations, which makes them user-friendly.
  • These systems not only help improve the efficiency of processes but also optimize the value of equipment utilization.
  • They can be used in wired or wireless networks, as per your convenience, using Ethernet.
  • They help improve the effectiveness of CNC machined parts and minimize small production errors, which may creep in due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • As the name suggests, CNC Production monitoring systems are compatible with CNC machines, however, they can be compatible with other systems such as PC, PLC, relays, and so on.

Nowadays, production monitoring systems are used in various application areas such as preventive maintenance of machines, machine control and production, monitoring environmental factors. There are many CNC monitoring applications in the market and TECHNA-CHECK PM-2 is a good option. How does it work? Why it can be an asset to your CNC assembly line?

An Overview of TECHNA-CHECK PM-2

The TECHNA-CHECK PM-2 works as a standalone device and can be installed in the cabinet of the system. The following features of these systems make them popular.

  • The device can be used to monitor machine functionalities such as its physical state, runtime, output, and so on.
  • The device requires a network connection to communicate with the remote PC through the software.
  • It sends email alerts to users in case of any machine downtime.
  • TECHNA-CHECK PM-2 can be expanded from a single unit to more than 100 units.
  • This system can be easily added on to.
  • The production monitor can also be used in conjunction with the Techna-Check tool monitoring system.

When used as a tool monitoring system TECHA-CHECK helps identify worn and broken tools, and offers crash protection, as well as protection of the spindle and feed mechanism. It is one of the most comprehensive monitoring systems available today.