MiJET: An Innovative Cleaning Tool for Industries

We all know the importance of keeping production floors and machines clean and free of oil and related residue. This debris not only hampers the speed and productivity but also increases the risk of slips and falls on the floor. A regular air spray done through a nozzle allows dirt to settle on the floor and in fact, some of it is inhaled by the workers around. There is equipment that helps shop owners keep the surroundings clean. Among them, MiJET is an innovative unit that cleans the oil and residue from parts. It is a localized cleaning unit that offers many other benefits when it is installed near CNC machines. It comes in various sizes and operates on the basic principle of air. Do you want to know how these machines work? Or why they becoming popular? This post discusses them in detail.


Working Principle of MiJET
MiJET is powered by an air compressor, and the residue is blown in through an air nozzle into a container attached below, which collects the residue for recycling. The air nozzle has a special valve that facilitates both functions— air jetting and air suction.

Benefits of MiJET
MiJET can be conveniently used in manufacturing units and offers benefits in terms of cleaning parts, recycling the residues, and safety of workers. Is that all? There are even more benefits. Here are a few more benefits offered by the machine:

  • Reduction in time and cleaning supplies owing to localized cleaning
  • The trapping of wasted oil leads to the surrounding air becoming cleaner
  • Recycled oil and residue that saves the cost of buying expensive coolants
  • Prevention of slips and falls on oily floors
  • Portable unit
  • No electricity required
  • Mist reduction in the air

Features and Types of MiJET
MiJET is extremely convenient and safe to use. Available in 8ʺ and 12ʺ diameter sizes, these units are equipped with a variety of features, and can be customized based on specific part requirements. Here are some of the common types of MiJET units:

  • Standard MiJET: This unit is available in 8ʺ and 12 ʺ inches diameter with an angled as well as a flat top, thus giving easy access. This type is typically for parts less than five inches and can be used with or without a parts basket.
  • Hands-Free MiJET: This has a fixed nozzle activated by a foot pedal. This is also recommended for parts less than five inches in size.
  • Blind Hole MiJET: This is for blind hole parts cleaning and not suitable for use with a parts basket. This is activated by a foot pedal or handheld nozzle.

Similar units are available with a 12-inch diameter, and these are suitable for parts less than 10 inches in size. The units come along with a workstation and a wash station based on their size; they enable washing, drying, and gauging of the parts. There are some optional accessories such as a flow-thru brush and replacement parts that include a filter, spiral air hose, low-noise air nozzle, and a pneumatic foot pedal.

Application Areas of MiJET
The primary application of MiJET is on production floors. It can be used for wet and dry applications to remove various types of residues. The major application sectors of MiJET are:

  • Automotive
  • Firearms
  • Small Parts Manufacturing
  • It is also suitable for automated production floors, wherein this unit is activated with a solenoid. In this case, a robot places the part to be cleaned, inside the unit.

It is essential to keep your production floor both safe and clean, and it would be a bonus if you achieve time and cost saving along with it. All you need to do is connect this unit to an airline and start cleaning. Due to their increasing use in various industries, it is important that you source them from a reliable supplier. Techna-Tool is one of the leading suppliers of MiJET units in the US.