Night-Vision Tool Monitoring: from the Machining Line to the Front Lines of Battle

One of the 3 or 4 most demanding training programs in the United States military is the Marine scout sniper training school at Fort Benning, Georgia. Applicants are faced with a full battery of tests and challenges that determine their firing accuracy under equally extreme levels of internal and external pressure. Those select few applicants who make the grade then become part of the elite brotherhood that has produced some of the most significant battlefield results in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only do these Marines train in the art of shooting targets with pinpoint accuracy from many hundreds of yards away, but with the night-vision equipment and “around-the-corner” shooting technology they are issued, they are undeniably the most deadly sniper force in the history of warfare.

Time and again, Marine and Army find their positions surrounded by militants. Scarcely do they leave 50 meters beyond the perimeter when they run into a hail of enemy gunfire. Time and again, scout sniper teams are then deployed into the surrounding countryside. Camouflaged seamlessly to blend in with the surrounding terrain, these Marines begin quietly to “make their mark” on enemy units, oftentimes killing hundreds of Taliban or al-Qaeda affiliated fighters in the process, and spooking the enemy into beating a hasty retreat. Unlike the much more controversial drone strikes, these elite soldiers rarely if ever cause collateral casualties: day or night, they gauge whether their targets are truly hostile, take appropriate aim, and then fire.

We at Techna-Tool are pleased to admit that our Techna-Check tool monitoring systems are used by those who build night-vision and around-the-corner shooting technologies for these elite soldiers. Much as a sniper keeps meticulous track of his foe, our tool monitoring systems keep tabs on any equipment along the machining line that might be in danger of going “faulty.” If a single tool stands at risk of becoming defective or broken, the whole machining system can be shut down until the tool gets replaced; thereby ensuring the overall process runs smoothly and “on target”. Companies that do business with Marine sniper scouts appreciate our tool monitoring systems on account of their faultless, tireless accuracy. Having equipment that functions perfectly is an absolute must for a Marine sniper scout. Our equipment monitoring systems make sure that a Marine in a tough spot is never left in the lurch.