Techna-Tool: Monitoring the Pulse of Medical Device Production

We have a range of medical clients – including companies rated on Forbes Magazine’s “Most Reputable” list – who dedicate their workaday lives to saving and improving the lives of others worldwide with modern medical devices. With today’s global population actually dwarfing the total number of deaths in all of human history, new technologies are continuously needed to ensure the survival of an exponentially growing elderly population. Medical CaduceusAs the global population ages (today the Baby Boomer Generation is poised on the verge of retirement), high-performance OEM medical devices help the aged deal with such arresting concerns as the monitoring of cardiac rhythm, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gastroenterological, surgical, neurological, and spinal diseases and injuries. With so much on the line when it comes to these medical devices functioning correctly, it is absolutely critical that production monitoring tools are in place to make sure that the machining of these devices is flawless.

Our BK Mikros and Techna-Check software programs allow for medical device manufacturers to monitor their own machining lines as a doctor would his patient’s pulse. Able to detect any tool in a machine line on the verge of malfunctioning or breakage (before it actually occurs), our monitoring tools and computer programs will then shut down the production process until the problem is resolved in its entirety. Since a human life cannot be measured in value, the ROI in our production monitoring equipment is, in a case such as this, of inestimable benefit to all medical manufacturers.