Techna-Check PM-1 – A Revolutionary Production Monitoring System from Techna Tool

A production monitoring system is a device that monitors the production of a machine and sends the report back to the custom software through Ethernet. Techna-Tool is one of the leaders in providing reliable production monitoring systems in the US. The company has developed its own production monitoring system called as “Techna-Check PM-1”. Are you interested to know more about this system, and its features? Well, the following post is dedicated to help you understand this system better. Read on to know more.

What is a Production Monitoring System?

Before we move forward to understanding the beneficial features, and advantages of Techna-Check PM-1, let us know what the system is exactly. The main objective of a production monitoring system is to collect the overall performance data of the production line. This data is collected in real time, while the production is going on. Production performance data collected from the various sections of the production line is then submitted to the managers or employees, who are working on the line. By collecting this performance data with the help of the production monitoring system, it helps enhance the competency of the overall line.

What are the Beneficial Features of Techna-Check PM-1 System?

The following are some striking features of the Techna-Check PM-1 production monitoring system, which is provided by Techna-Tool:

  • This system is equipped with a removable Phoenix connector, which helps in easy wiring.
  • The Techna-Check PM-1 is a universal system and is compatible with any machine, no matter whether it is controlled by relays, CNC, PC, or PLC.
  • The software of this system is compatible with Windows XP, and WIN7 & WIN10
  • The system gets data from almost any sensor or switch that outputs 24 VDC.
  • At the end of every shift the data is exported to an Access database that stores the data.
  • This is a stand-alone system, and there is no need for a computer to be located at the machine.
  • If the machine is down the PM-1 will send an email alert.
  • The system comes with a standard Ethernet connection.
  • The software for the system is capable of generating custom reports.
  • It is possible to use this system with wireless networks, however, you might need a wireless bridge.
  • The Techna-Check PM-1 production monitoring system can be expanded from 1 to 100 units.
  • This system can be installed and operated easily.
  • You can upgrade this production monitoring system in the future if required.

What Are the Advantages of Using Techna-Check PM-1?

What makes Techna-Check PM-1 a preferred choice is its many advantages. The following are some major reasons that make this production monitoring system popular in several industries:

  1. It helps capture and analyze the data of both production and machine performance efficiently. This further helps in enhancing the quality, efficiency, and overall productivity of the production line.
  2. The system helps eliminate batch interfaces and any redundant data. This is what is responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the data.
  3. Every person involved in the supply chain gets access to the same production information. Thus, it helps improve customer relationships.
  4. Issues that may arise during production or maintenance are identified at an earlier stage, before becoming a major problem. This helps in eliminating the possibility of unnecessary downtime.
  5. It eliminates the third-party integrations, which are cumbersome, as well as costly, too. Thus, it helps cut down the expenses of production monitoring, and makes it a cost-effective solution.

Isn’t this system amazing? Are you looking forward to testing it for your application requirements? Techna-Tool can help you with it.