BK Mikro LIN Linear Scanner- A Revolutionary Tool from Techna Tool

Techna Tool’s BK Mikro LIN linear scanner is one of the most important tools used in the applications, which involve monitoring geometries. As the name suggests, this tool is used for linear or longitudinal scanning purpose. If you want to scan bore holes, cavities, or critical coolant pressure, and if rotary scanning is not possible or inappropriate due to limited space arrangements, then in such case, this linear scanner is of great help. The many benefits of this tool has made it popular in several applications.

Let us have a look at some beneficial features of the BK Mikro LIN linear scanner tool.

The Striking Features of BK Mikro Linear Scanner That Make it Popular

Here are some most striking beneficial features of the linear scanner tool from Techna Tool:

1. The linear scanner tool allows you to effectively monitor the scanning position. The precise scanning position is entered by “Teach-in” feature.
2. With BK Mikro linear scanner, it is possible for you to carry out the tool check prior to every working cycle (tool monitoring). Depending on the controller you use it can save up to 512 scanning positions.
3. The tip of the probe is available in many variants. So, depending on the project, you can choose the tip or make your own customer tip.
4. You can program your checking tolerance as tight a 0.05mm in the controller software for the “O.K.” message.
5. The scanning result is indicated by the two LEDs for “O.K” and “K.O” at the control unit.

Understanding the Technical Aspects of this Revolutionary Tool

Apart from the beneficial features explained above, the following technical aspects of this scanner tool make them suitable in many applications:
• The scanner features an anodized aluminum housing, and has the protection of type IP64. This makes the tool extremely durable and capable of withstanding harsh application conditions.
• The scanning tip of the tool has a thread M3x6, and is exchangeable.
• The tool has small circular connector M12x1, 8 pin.
• The ambient temperature is 0 °C bis +80 °C.
• The storage temperature is -25 °C bis +80 °C.
• Scanning cycles > 5 million at minimum scanning intensity.

Some Technical Data for the Control Unit

The following is some technical information about the BKM93 control unit for the BK Mikro LIN linear scanner provided by Techna Tool:
• The control unit of this tool requires a power supply voltage of 24 VDC.
• The dimensions of the control unit are 22.6 mm x 108mm x 128.45 mm (W x H x D).
• It has a sectional rail, 35 mm, to DIN EN 50022 case mountings.
• The ambient temperature is 0 °C bis +50 °C.
• The storage temperature is -25 °C bis +80 °C.

All the features and technical data explained in the post above, collectively are the reasons behind the increasing popularity of this linear scanner in a number of applications. For more information on this tool, click here.